Why eLearning Is Even More Valuable Right Now

Top Benefits Of eLearning During COVID-19
Summary: In the face of a global pandemic, many of us found we had little choice other than to quickly pivot to virtual work, learning, and training solutions. Enter eLearning, which has proven more beneficial than ever before.

Top Benefits Of eLearning During COVID-19

Whenever we’re faced with a sudden change, such as a global pandemic, it can be hard to adjust—especially if it isn’t your choice or your preference! The change happened in moments and had a profound effect on our lives, shifting our realities completely and without much time to prepare. There is, as always, a silver lining: eLearning is an agile, dynamic, and effective way to learn, grow, and train. Here are just a few of the benefits of eLearning that we can enjoy during COVID-19 and in the future too.

It’s Flexible

Things are changing all the time right now, and eLearning gives you the agility to change your approach to learning right along with it. Are you a night owl or a morning glory? Either way, you can learn when it works best for you. Even better, from your nighttime pajamas to your more professional daytime pajamas, all dress codes and looks are acceptable when learning virtually. You can learn with a furry friend on your lap or a bowl of ramen next to your laptop. The low stress and flexibility of eLearning mean it’s accessible, which makes it easier for us to invest the time and energy into learning.

Always Be Learning!

Exciting trends in eLearning, like microlearning, allow you to learn in bite-sized chunks, meaning you can fit in training or learning opportunities between work meetings or turning your sourdough bread. Fitting learning in when it works for you can make the process of developing a new skill or professional certification less stressful, which just makes it more fun. The more fun it is, the more you become a lifelong learner, which has so many benefits [1] to our happiness, wellbeing, and professional success.

It’s Fun And Social

eLearning lends itself well to mobile [2], making it convenient for learners, and social too. Many curriculum providers incorporate social and gaming elements into learning, letting learners interact with each other as they learn, keeping them motivated and increasing engagement. Gamification, with its badges and avatars, lends a fun and lighthearted element to learning, but it also works. Incorporating gaming into your learning experience can increase participation and retention of material. And, it works! Social learning boosts knowledge sharing and deepens the impact of learned content on the learner.

Hit The Ground Running

Yes, right now there is so much we cannot do, but eLearning allows us to focus on what we can do. Training courses can allow furloughed employees to refresh valuable training that will position them for success and allow them to hit the ground running when they are able to reenter the workforce. When we get to the other side of this one day, the time and energy we invested in ourselves will make us more valuable to our teams and organizations and position us for growth.

Leverage Opportunities

Been eyeing a promotion? Get your training in now and come back in a better position to throw your hat in the ring. Considering changing careers? Get trained in software or tools that you need to make that shift when hiring resumes.

The current situation has created a lot of uncertainty, which can be a good thing! When the initial crisis has subsided and we begin to transition towards a new normal, there will be new opportunities either within your existing organization or externally. So, whether you are looking to develop a new skill or refresh one you developed in the past, eLearning is a great way to get the skills and knowledge you need to set yourself apart when you apply for a promotion or a new job. There’s no way of knowing where the future will take us, so why not try something new that may lead to a new passion or a new position in your career development.

Get Excited About The Future

There’s no way around the fact that this is an incredibly challenging time. From economic insecurity to balancing the demands of childcare and work to concern about the health of ourselves and our loved ones, none of this is easy. eLearning provides the opportunity for all of us to control one area of our lives and invest in ourselves and the academic or professional future we have always dreamed of.


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