Why More And More Organizations Are Using Virtual Conference Software

Why To Use Virtual Conference Software
Summary: Virtual conference software is all the rage in the corporate world. But why are so many organizations using it in their L&D programs?

Why Are So Many Organizations Using Virtual Conference Software?

One of the perks of virtual conference software is that’s easily adaptable. You can host client meetings, remote focus groups, and employee brainstorming sessions. But it’s also a great addition to your L&D toolbox. For this reason, more and more organizations are using virtual meeting software to train their team from afar. The global pandemic may be the catalyst. However, virtual meet-ups are sure to become a permanent fixture in your L&D strategy thanks to all the benefits they bring to your bottom line…and beyond.

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Benefits Of Virtual Meeting Platforms

1. Reduce Online Training Expenses

Virtual meeting software allows you to host VILT events, webinars, and remote workshops. As such, you can reduce training costs and stretch your budget. For example, ILT sessions move online so that you don’t have to pay for travel or site rentals. Likewise, employees can train from anywhere in the world instead of having to attend face-to-face events. This means more time on the job and lower payroll expenses. Another cost-saving perk is less seat time. Virtual meeting tools improve knowledge transfer because everything happens in real time. Hence, they learn more in a fraction of the time.

2. Boost Remote Employee Engagement

Employees are used to courses that are passive, even if you’ve already made the switch to online training. They read what’s on the screen or watch a presentation. But that doesn’t leave much room for active participation. On the other hand, virtual meeting software brings them into the action. They can chat with peers, ask questions, and learn from the best without leaving the comfort of home—or office. That said, you should set guidelines so that everyone knows what to expect and what’s expected of them. For instance, give them a prompt or question ahead of time. Then attendees must share their responses with the group.

3. Minimize Safety Risks

Most of us didn’t have a global pandemic on our radar. However, it’s presented a variety of new safety risks we must all consider. Social distancing is the new norm and virtual meeting tools can help you keep your team safe. For example, you can host live events and collab meetings without having to worry about gloves or face masks. Everyone gets to participate from a safe distance and communicate with peers remotely. The same goes for client and stakeholder meetings.

4. Connect With Your Global Talent Pool

Many organizations aren’t even aware of the talent that’s hiding among their team. This is due to the fact that employees fill specific niches. You hire them to manage your call center employees or pitch products. But that doesn’t make the most of their potential. Virtual meeting platforms allow you to connect with your global talent pool and maximize in-house assets. For instance, host an open forum to gather their ideas and feedback. Ask questions to identify their skillset and knowledge base so that you can assess their area of expertise and then find the best tasks for their talents. For example, a sales employee might be better suited for your customer service department or for stepping into a leadership role.

5. Streamline Work Processes

L&D isn’t the only reason to implement virtual conference software in your organization. It can also help you streamline work processes and keep everyone in the loop. For example, departments host weekly meetings to share updates and ideas. Maybe they make it a daily thing to discuss the project when a deadline is quickly approaching. They can even use the platform to improve work practices, like reevaluating individual tasks to eliminate redundancies and lighten the workload for employees who are over-stressed.

6. Improve Team Collaboration

Employees want to feel like they belong, even those who have a rebellious streak. A virtual meeting tool lets them connect and collaborate, which builds a better team dynamics. They don’t have to fly solo because there’s a vast network of peers to help through rough spots. For example, your external sales team is scattered all over the globe. They’ve never met in person, but they host weekly meet-ups. Everyone has the opportunity to discuss their experiences and ask for advice. They’re part of an active online community that strives for the same goals and objectives. Another perk is being able to talk through conflicts. Maybe they disagree about policies or sales techniques. Nothing gets lost in translation because they can read body language and facial expressions for context.

7. Retain Top Performers

High employee engagement, team collaboration, and ongoing support translate into satisfied staffers. Staffers who are more likely to stick around instead of leaving your organization. As such, virtual meeting software helps you retain top performers and reduce new hire training costs. You don’t have to pay to hire and train their replacements. More importantly, you can continue to cultivate their skills and professional know-how so that they’re ready for management. This is why it’s so crucial to find an intuitive virtual conference tool that everyone can use, even employees who aren’t tech-savvy but are talented in other areas, like providing amazing customer service or inspiring their coworkers.


The catch is that all these benefits hinge on finding the best virtual meeting software for your business. One that offers all the features you need to be the host with the most. Like screen sharing, recording, and mobile accessibility. Fortunately, you can use our free online directory to filter results and speed up the search. First things first, create a list of key selling points you need to maximize ROI. This way, you can compare your list against the vendors to find the perfect match.

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