11 iGoogle Alternatives for Teachers

11 iGoogle Alternatives for Teachers
Summary: Many teachers use iGoogle as a personalized learning home page that was giving at-a-glance access to key learning information. One of the key features of iGoogle was the gadgets where students were able to organizes and complete their schoolwork and teachers to plan and organize the instructional day.

iGoogle Alternatives for Teachers

Unfortunately, as you already know Google decided to discontinue iGoogle in November, 1, 2013. There is no reason for panic. The first step that you have to do is to export your iGoogle feeds (how to export your igoogle feeds). The second step is to choose the best iGoogle Alternative based on your requirements from the following list of 12 iGoogle Alternatives.

The list with the iGoogle Alternatives is in alphabetical order. Please do not hesitate to share your best iGoogle Alternative by leaving a comment.

  1. Allmyfaves
    All My Faves will take you where you want to go online with just one click by offering a visual-based approach to Web navigation and site discovery.
  2. Evernote
    Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see. Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there. Search by keyword, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images.
  3. igHome
    igHome is clearly inspired by iGoogle. Currently it supports Gmail, Calendar, Feedly, Bookmarks, Maps, Images, YouTube, News, and Drive. Also, you can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account.
  4. My MSN
    Do you really want an introduction? You can add content form your favorite educational sites, add RSS feeds and choose how much info you see, add tabs, and much more!
  5. My Yahoo
    The moto of My Yahoo is "Your favorite Web content, the way you want it". It is more than easy to personalize your page with colors, themes, and layouts. Also, you can drag and drop modules such as mail, messenger, movies, music, local, etc anywhere on your page. Also, you can see your Facebook activity from Yahoo. Why? Check How To Use Facebook For Social Learning
  6. Myfav.es
    Myfav.es is a free, elegant, & customizable start page for your favorite web browser, iPad, or iPhone. You can add sites, and customize your page's layout.
  7. Netvibes
    In my opinion, Netvibes is one of the best personalized dashboard publishing platforms. With, 259,763 Apps, and 8,756 Themes you should be sure that it will fulfill your educational needs.
  8. Protopage
    You can use protopage to read your own selection of news and blogs, keep bookmarks, to-do lists, sticky notes, and much more. Also, there are thousands of different widgets that you can add to your page. You can drag and drop widgets to re-arrange them by clicking and dragging the title bar. Moreover, you can add sticky notes on your page, and much more.
  9. Spaaze
    Spaaze is an infinite virtual cork board, and you can use it to do almost everything. Currently Spaaze offers 7 different items: Labels, Notes, Bookmarks, Images, Files, Videos and HTML. These items can be edited in place, moved via drag and drop and positioned freely on the board. Therefore it's possible to arrange a bunch of items any way you like, which makes it possible to use it for many different use cases.
  10. Symbaloo
    Symbaloo is one of the best alternatives of iGoogle especially for teachers. You can organize and share the best of the web with your students. For example, you can organize teaching resources all in one place, encourage student to student communications, and promote innovation while maintaining simplicity in teaching. I highly encourage you to read the SymbalooEDU User Guide
  11. uStart
    uStart has an easy integration for Google Reader users. It is a free service that collect all your informations from the web and group them on the same page. Blogs, news, weather, videos, photos, facebook, e-mail and much more are automatically updated each time you visit you uStart page.

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