24 Free Chemistry iPad Apps For Students

24 Free Science Chemistry iPad Apps for Students

Are you looking for a fun way to study and learn chemistry? Enjoy the following 24 Free Science - Chemistry iPad Apps for Students.

1. Atom-Builder – free
Slate and Tablets is back with Atom-Builder, an exciting game designed to teach students the skills they need to count protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom. For the first time ever in the classroom, leverage the powerful Gamecenter to challenge students with our leaderboard and achievements. Use it in your course as homework or a worksheet for atomic structure and particle counting!

2. Building Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes HD Lite - free
With the Building Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes app, explore the composition of the elements. Build atoms, ions, and isotopes by selecting appropriate numbers of protons, neutrons, and electrons. For reference, this app also includes atomic theory information and a periodic table that is interactive in the iPad version.

3. Chemical Elements Free - iPad - free
This app gives you a vast amount of element information, directly from you iPhone, in a matter of seconds! Great for students, professors, scientists, or anyone with an interest.

4. Chemical Reaction Lite - free
Do you have the speed and skills to save the Doctor's lab from destruction? Dr. Smith has been tinkering with strange chemicals again, and has unwittingly created some very unstable concoctions! There are only moments left before the whole lab goes up in smoke. Do your best to solve several exciting puzzles and stop these bubbling chemicals from getting out of control.

5. Chemical Safety Data Sheets - ICSC - free
This application displays International Chemical Safety Cards [ICSC] produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Office (ILO), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

6. Chemistry Formula Practice Lite - free
Chemistry Formulas Practice stimulates students’ mastery of the fundamental skill of naming compounds and writing formulas. The practice categories include ionic and molecular compounds, acids, bases, polyatomic ions, hydrocarbons, and organic functional groups. Students may choose their pace as they work from formula to name or name to formula.

7. EMD PTE - free
The EMD periodic table of the elements app provides detailed information, state-of-the-art functions and an appealing presentation. It offers high-school and university students as well as teachers or professors the opportunity to learn more about the chemical elements - from classification to element features to their history of discovery. The powerful multi-lingual app renders complex contents intuitively comprehensible: the well-structured and concise arrangement of groups and periods, details for every element, intelligent controls, and numerous selection options provide quick access to needed information.

8. Gas Laws HD Lite - free
Beginning chemistry students can use this app to study the various relationships that exist between pressure, volume, temperature and number of particles of a gas.

9. K12 Periodic Table of the Elements - free
K12 Periodic Table of the Elements lets you explore the elements and their key attributes in a simple, easy-to-use way. It's a perfect reference for working through homework problems for Science courses.

10. Khan Academy: Chemistry 1 - free
Ximarc Studios Inc is proud to bring you Khan Academy Chemistry 1 (videos 1-20). Khan Academy Chemistry allows students to learn Chemistry through various videos which are downloaded directly on your iPhone or iPod touch and in the future to your iPad. Students can watch the video anywhere, anytime, all the time and NEVER be concerned about having access to the internet while you are going through a Khan Academy lesson.

11. Khan Academy: Chemistry 2 - free
Ximarc Studios Inc is proud to bring you Khan Academy Chemistry 2 (videos 21-40). Khan Academy Chemistry allows students to learn Chemistry through various videos which are downloaded directly on your iPhone or iPod touch and in the future to your iPad. Students can watch the video anywhere, anytime, all the time and NEVER be concerned about having access to the internet while you are going through a Khan Academy lesson.

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12. LabAssistant - free
Chemical Compatibility Guide. This chemical compatibility guide will allow you to either check what materials will work with the chemicals you are using or planning to use; or to view what compatibility rating given to a material you are planning to use.

13. LabCal - free
The Laboratory Calculator is an utility to calculate the molarity, to convert gram and mole and to compute dilutions of stock solutions.

14. LabTimer - free
LabTimerPhD is now available. It has all the same functionality as LabTimer. If you like LabTimer, please consider picking up LabTimerPhD! I'll use the suggestions on LabTimerPhD for future changes. All updates will be applied to both applications.

15. Mahjong Chem - free
Brought to you by the Chemistry Department at Stetson University, a FREE game to practice your chemistry knowledge using classic Mahjong gameplay!

16. Memorex Periodic Table - free
Memorex periodic table is a fun way to study and learn about the chemical elements. The images are nice and easy to understand. Learn in a fun and hassle-free chemistry. Very good to study before tests of chemistry, who studies always wins.

17. Mister Chemist - free
Mister Chemist: an easy to use but detailed Periodic Table for anyone! Great for anyone taking Chemistry or who might need to reference the table at a quick glance.

18. Molecule Rush - free
The Molecule Rush app was created to be used alongside the Build a Molecule Model exhibit. It aims to make chemistry relatable by educating users how to build and arrange atoms to create molecules. Users recreate molecules. After successful completion, user can proceed to progressively more difficult levels. Molecule Rush is different from other apps currently on the market because it not only engages users but informs them as well.

19. Molecules - free
Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the display, zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gestures, or pan the molecule by moving two fingers across the screen at once. These structures can be viewed in both ball-and-stick and spacefilling visualization modes.

20. Nova Elements - free
Did you ever wonder why the periodic table is shaped the way it is, what gives each element its own unique set of properties, or even how elements combine to make everyday objects such as a cup of coffee? With “NOVA Elements,” explore an interactive periodic table, play a game hosted by David Pogue, or watch the two-hour NOVA program, “Hunting the Elements.”

21. Oresome Elements - free
Oresome Elements is an interactive game that makes learning about the periodic table, elements and some of their properties and uses fun. The game is aimed at secondary school students, but is just as much fun for anyone wanting to learn about elements and the periodic table.

22. Painless Chemistry Challenge - free
The Barron’s Painless book series just took Chemistry to the next level, fun! Test your knowledge and then test your skill… It’s the ultimate Chemistry and arcade game challenge!

23. Periodic Table HD, The - free
A color coded periodic table of elements that includes the name, density, electronic configuration, atomic number, melting point and much more of the elements! The best part is that its free!

24. Periodic Table of the Elements - free
This is a standard periodic table of the elements - a necessity for anyone interested in or even exposed chemistry. However, the version differs in that instead of cramming all the information for an element into one little square, you can select a chemical attribute and have the entire chart color coded to plainly show how the different elements vary with regard to the selected trait.

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