How To List Your LMS In eLearning Industry's LMS Directory

Listing Your LMS In eLearning Industry's LMS Directory: A Step-By-Step Guide

The secret to increasing sales and building your brand image is online exposure. eLearning professionals and organizations are looking for software that suits their needs. Your product may fit the bill, but is it getting lost in the LMS crowd? eLearning Industry offers you the opportunity to promote your Learning Management System’s features, specs, and price points via its LMS directory. You can even link all of your social media info to build a loyal following, as well as highlight your contact info so that interested parties can quickly purchase your product.

Create A Free LMS Product Listing
Do you want to be discovered by highly targeted corporate training buyers? Stand out from the crowd and get your LMS in the front row where prospects go to make their purchase decision!

Why You Need To Have A Complete LMS Listing Profile

A complete listing profile is vital if you want to have the best presentation possible for your LMS product. eLearning Industry’s LMS directory gives you the chance to create more than just a simple listing. There is a special section where you can mention your LMS features in detail. But that's only the beginning. We have dedicated specific fields where you can share your story and explain to prospects why you are the ideal solution. You can highlight use cases, special features, or even address certain buyer personas. Share all there is to know about your LMS and gain from our advanced search filters.

Our directory offers LMS vendors the opportunity to build customer trust. You get to increase your review collection and also respond to users. Prospects can easily decide to take a spin of your free trial because they trust the opinions of others. Social proof can also increase your product demo requests, which can then lead to a product purchase. Furthermore, by completing your LMS listing profile, you give extra SEO value to your product. Our directory is a great off-page SEO strategy as well!

A complete LMS product listing profile includes:

  • An LMS software overview
  • An LMS features section
  • Customer types
  • Use cases
  • Pricing options
  • LMS user reviews
  • A comparison section
  • A content resources library

Listing Your LMS Product In eLearning Industry’s Directory

Joining our niche-specific directory means that you can reach potential customers in the consideration or purchasing stage! All you have to do is add your LMS listing in a few steps and start driving high-quality buyers to your LMS product pages.

Here’s an example of a great LMS product listing!

LMS Product Listing Content And Its Importance For SEO

By now you must know that listing your business in Google and Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many online business directories you can take advantage of.

For starters, you need to identify which directories have more value for your LMS product. Secondly, you should optimize your directory business listing to improve your search ranking.

By adding your LMS listing to eLearning Industry’s directory, you can show off your expertise to more than 30,000 monthly software buyers.  I'd like to note here that our audience is niche-specific, which makes your presence even more powerful.

Follow These Simple Steps To Get Your LMS Product Listing Up And Running

So, are you ready to add your free LMS listing and complete the fields to get the most out of it? Here is a step-by-step guide to listing your Learning Management System in our LMS directory.

1. Access The Registration Page

You can access the LMS registration form via the directory tab at the top of the home page. Simply click on the "Top Learning Management Systems Registration" option to get started, or just click on this link to begin the sign-up process whenever you’re ready.

2. Complete The Sign-Up Form

The registration form requires some basic information. First, you choose on the left the category in which you’d like to be listed. LMS vendors should opt for "Learning Management Systems." Next, tell us a little bit about you, such as your name and email address. Lastly, input your company name and location, and then click the "Create a Free Company Listing" button.

3. Create An LMS Overview

Now it’s time to add a summary of your LMS. Include the product name and a brief description. Tell visitors why your product is a cut above the rest and explore your area of expertise. For example, you are ranked number 1 in one of our eLearning Solutions Top Lists, or you’ve received awards from notable sites.

In this LMS directory listing section, vendors can point out their customer markets, use-case scenarios and industries, third-party integrations, etc. By coming across your LMS overview, prospects will be able to identify in what ways your software fits their business needs. For example, your LMS might be ideal for specific industries or maybe users can create certain types of training because you’ve built your tool to simplify certain processes.

So, make sure to complete the overview of your LMS. It is a win-win for you. Not only you get to highlight your top-selling points, but you get to attract the right potential customers.

4. Who Uses Your LMS Software

This is a section you definitely want to complete. LMS vendors can talk about their ideal buyer personas. You can analyze features and special highlights to help prospective customers understand why they should opt for this software.

Training managers, HR personnel, and other L&D professionals can understand your product’s value proposition by reading through your listing. When they notice that they are your actual target audience, they’ll have one more reason to try it out.

5. What Is X LMS

This is your chance to highlight all the important features and add an extensive description that will help your LMS stand out from the crowd. For example, you can talk about why users should choose your product. Here is the section where you can convince them to purchase!

It is not just about looking at a list of features. You can share insights with our highly targeted audience. Share tips on how they can leverage your learning solution. Introduce potential buyers to new features or anything else that is special and you need to say it out loud.

6. Overview Of X LMS Benefits

Once again this extensive section allows vendors to highlight all the key benefits of their LMS. For instance, you can mention which industries might benefit the most or perhaps which training use cases are the best. Maybe your LMS solution is best for gamification. Or you might offer an advanced feature that your competition doesn't. Take advantage of this section to entice users into giving a try at your product. Let them know how you differ from the vast LMS market!

7. Highlight Your Product’s Features And Specs

People perusing the LMS directory have a general sense of what your product provides. However, those who are interested in learning more about your software will click through for more info. As such, you must include a detailed list of the LMS features and specifications. For example, do you support blended learning or virtual classrooms? Is your tool SCORM or Tin Can API compliant?

8. Showcase Your Pricing Plans

eLearning professionals and organizations, alike, are working with limited resources. Even Fortune 500 companies have a finite eLearning budget. For this reason, you must specify the pricing plans that you offer. LMS directory users can determine which package meets their needs and aligns with their budget.

9. Upload Multimedia

Upload your company’s logo, promo video, and/or screenshots to add visual appeal to your LMS directory listing. Logos help enhance your brand image and establish credibility while promo videos are an engaging way to showcase your product’s unique features and benefits. Screenshots also give users a clear view of your product specs, such as User Interface and dashboards. People are more likely to remember your listing if it includes eye-catching aesthetics, such as video demos that showcase the key LMS features. You can include memorable characters discussing the benefits of the tool for your audience.

10. Link To Your Company’s Website

Users may be looking for more information about your product before making their final decision. After all, there are a number of LMS solutions available and eLearning professionals may need a little nudge to invest in your LMS. eLearning Industry allows you to link to your company’s website so that visitors can find out more about your LMS features and benefits. This is also a great opportunity to encourage them to sign up for a free trial or demo if they’re still on the fence, as well as offer testimonials and reviews from satisfied users.

Another efficient and cost-effective way to send potential buyers to your LMS website is to focus on performance marketing and PPC.

11. Include Your Social Media Info

Your Twitter and Facebook icons appear directly below your product name. LMS directory visitors can quickly access your social media pages to see how many followers you have and read more about your company. Ensure that you include the correct links to avoid any confusion later on. You should also consider linking back to your LMS directory page in social media groups. For example, members of your eLearning group can learn more about the LMS features and specs via the eLearning Industry LMS directory.

12. Submit Your Listing For Review

Once you’ve input all your information and proofread your product overview (this is very important), you’re ready to submit your listing. Our staff will evaluate your listing to ensure it meets our criteria. If any changes are necessary, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. To speed up the LMS listing review process, ensure that your content is free of grammatical errors and contains all the essentials. You should also verify that your links are active and that you’ve included the key LMS features and specs.

13. Encourage Users To Leave Reviews And Ratings

After you’ve listed your LMS in eLearning Industry's LMS directory, encourage users to visit the page and leave honest reviews and ratings about the product. This gives your customers the power to post valuable feedback. Potential customers are able to explore the benefits of your software on a more personal level. They’re also more likely to relate to other eLearning professionals who are familiar with the system.

You might even consider posting the LMS directory link to your social media page, then invite current users to leave their reviews. Make sure to read our article regarding the importance of LMS reviews.

14. Upgrade Your LMS Listing

Of course, you can start your directory listing ventures by creating a free listing at any time in order to be included in the directory. In case you want to stand out from the crowd and take control of your positioning, you can upgrade your basic LMS listing to a PPC listing. Plenty of the most profound LMS vendors already run PPC campaigns in our directories with great results.  By joining our niche directory, you can reach potential customers at the moment they try to make an LMS purchase decision. If you want to get ahead of the competition, that's a proven cost-effective option that drives results.

Some of the extra perks of this move are:

  • Premium placement in our exclusive LMS Directory
  • A Call-To-Action button that drives traffic to your demo/free trial landing page
  • Landing page optimization consulting
  • Geo-bidding to fit your target markets in 200+ countries
  • Data-rich traffic and conversion reports
  • Personal account manager and PPC marketing advisor

Set up your LMS PPC campaign now and drive high-quality traffic to your most converting product pages!


Plenty of business directories give you the opportunity to collect online reviews. Entering our directory can benefit your LMS solution in many ways. Apart from building credibility and trust with potential buyers, you get SEO value as well. Adding your LMS listing can have an impact on your search ranking. No one said that solving the SEO puzzle is easy. The more you optimize your directory listings on multiple platforms, the better chances you've got to attract prospects' attention. When the execution is solid, you get to increase brand awareness for your LMS.

Listing your LMS in eLearning Industry’s LMS directory is quick and stress-free. Simply follow the above steps to add your LMS product and improve online visibility and sharability. You might also consider posting an article on our site to launch your content marketing strategy. More than 900,000 eLearning professionals visit our portal to be in the know. You can publish content that includes helpful tips, insights, or even product demos.

If you care to gain access to sales-ready leads, you can also take a look at our PPL program. Our highly targeted audience completes a relevant LMS quote questionnaire. This helps us match a customer with their ideal LMS.

List your LMS software with eLearning Industry today to start maximizing your marketing budget. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the form and submit your info for review.

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