Business Simulations: What Are The Benefits?

The Benefits Of Business Simulations

The key learning objective of business simulations in corporate use is to train business acumen and equip participants with skills and knowledge necessary to implement corporate strategic plans. But how to make sure that business simulations are equally engaging and informative and cost-effective?

Simformer has the solution for that, by combining theory and practice.

Everybody is aware of what theoretical learning materials are, but it is important to learn about the possibilities and capacities of business simulations. Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) is a virtual environment which simulates typical business processes, functions, and macro factors. The environment consists of more than 20 industries and 140 types of businesses located in more than 100 cities in 20 countries. The environment is real-life like due to more than 50,000 real users and many years of perfecting the functionality of virtual businesses. In each simulation, every participant has to manage virtual companies and industrial empire: Depending on the goals of the training, the virtual companies can have different initial conditions. By managing a virtual business, participants have the chance to perfect their craft in a real-life like yet completely risk-free conditions, since the cost of mistakes in the simulation is also virtual. However, the participants’ excitement and engagement are very real!


For example, there is a relevant course on crisis management. Its dynamic game scenario is combined with the business simulation: The result is Corporation in Distress, an engaging online business game. It is also possible to make the task a bit more complicated and increase the intensity of the game; in that case the gameplay can help develop stress-resistance and team building, as well as help identify the leaders and learn more about employees’ soft skills.

If there is the need to develop employees’ collaboration skills in a particular field, Simformer has a wide range of unique solutions for that.

simformer-heavy-steelIt is not a common thing for the market of educational products to offer the solutions, tailored specifically for the employees of engineering industry. Fortunately, Simformer has such kind of solutions in business simulations Motor Cycle and Heavy Steel. Heavy Steel provides the participants the opportunity to manage steel factories, engineering and chemical enterprises, and research laboratories. They will have to cover all the steps: From producing steel to selling the finished product. The participants will be forced to make unexpected decisions in the process, since they will be required to manage hundreds of people and equipment and develop technologies and make profit in virtual currency. The simulation contains all key business processes that require sufficient management skills and becomes a great learning experience, motivating the participants to make the right decisions.

simformer-balanced-retailThe rapidly developing retail industry also needs a fresh approach to sales, marketing, HR management, and strategic perspectives. Simformer online platform has developed a range of business simulations, which immerses the users into diverse and exciting retail business. Premium Retail gives the opportunity to manage a high end retail company. Budget Retail teaches the ins and outs of retail business in lower economy areas. Balanced Retail gives the opportunity to learn to use a balanced approach to managing a retail company. In this game, the participants will have to carry out the analysis of all the components of success – risk vs. profit, price vs. quality, expenses vs. efficiency.

simformer-shoe-makerBefore clothes and shoes appear on the shelves of any store, they have to be thoroughly manufactured. The day-to-day functions of consumer goods industry are demonstrated by Simformer sim-based courses Shoe Maker and Cloth Road. These courses allow the managers of consumer goods industry to evaluate their capabilities and skills as well as analyze the whole production chain. Apart from that, Shoe Maker and Cloth Road develop employees’ «helicopter view» and provide the picture on how every department contributes to company’s overall success.

Develop Your Own Business Simulations 

In case our pre-configured scenarios did not meet your needs and goals, but you are thrilled about the possibilities of practice-oriented learning, Simformer experts will help you to develop a customized simulation based on your own business-scenario.

There are two types of intensity modes in Simformer Business Simulation. In the most intensive mode, the actions in the simulation are calculated and updated every clock hour. This format is in-demand for short-term crash training courses and employee assessment sessions. Another format of intensity (a classic one) is a daily calculation of all actions. This format is very useful for post training programs, which requires that participants to acquire knowledge on their own or for long-term corporate courses.

Simformer Business Simulation together with powerful modern LMS has the potential to become one of the most important tools in companies’ training and development sessions. Our Corporate Realm is an utmost sim-based solution for any company willing to incorporate gamification elements in their HR practices. Corporate Realm allows the planning, organization and conducting an unlimited amount of training sessions, business games, and employee assessment programs.

Simformer offers a range of ready-made pre-configured business simulations as well as training programs of next generation. They meet the requirements of effective educational solutions, by combining necessary theoretical knowledge and non-traditional approach to information and delivery as well as effectively decreasing the time and training expenses.