Celebrate With Us: eLearning Industry Is Named Best Workplace Hellas 2022

Celebrate With Us: eLearning Industry Is Named Best Workplace Hellas 2022
Summary: eLearning Industry is named one of the best workplaces in Greece for 2022! Celebrate with us this great achievement!

eLearning Industry Is One Of The Best Workplaces In Greece

eLearning Industry set out with the vision to bring people together in an open and supportive platform where eLearning aficionados could share their ideas and insights. And the same way we nurtured our online community, we also nurtured our eLI team. We took barriers of distance and cultural diversity and turned them into our greatest strengths. And our efforts have paid off! Just a few months after being certified as a "Great Place To Work," eLearning Industry has been named "Best Workplace Hellas for 2022" by the Great Place To Work Institute in Greece. This great achievement has also been published in the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, in an article dedicated to the 25 best places to work in Greece.

With Great Effort Come Great Results

eLI started as a small blog in 2012, based on the principle of democratizing knowledge in the eLearning field. Although its core vision hasn't changed, what was once a personal blog is now a leading publishing and digital marketing platform that delivers inspiring industry-specific content and marketing solutions to eLearning professionals. As our team grew and our corporate culture started taking form, our value system has also been enriched. eLearning Industry now operates on the basic principles of collaboration, authenticity, passion, and resilience. Remaining true to these values and incorporating them into our modus operandi is what makes us stand out among other companies as one of the best workplaces in Greece.

The newspaper article also makes reference to the various actions eLearning Industry has taken to create a unique corporate culture. The most important one is the Culture Shaping Program, which began in 2019. It called all employees to participate in reshaping the corporate culture by creating action plans, attending workshops, and forming the annual employee assessment program. At the same time, the Employee Reward Scheme was introduced to reward innovation and excellent performance. Special mention is made to the way the company handled the COVID crisis. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, eLI continued to grow and offer its community and employees the same, if not more, support.

But above everything else, what drives us is the desire to create a community within and outside the walls of our office building.

Creating A Sense Of Community

Through the years, eLearning Industry has made great efforts to create an inclusive and valuable online community. We believe that everyone must be able to access information that will help them overcome challenges and reach their maximum potential. As a result, thousands of eLearning professionals have chosen our platform to publish high-quality content and connect with other members of the industry. Our employees are no different. The company always strives to offer them a supportive environment that promotes personal and professional development. Everyone is passionate about their work and willing to venture out of their comfort zone to expand their knowledge and pursue innovation.

Onwards Αnd Upwards

eLI has achieved this accomplishment by being innovative and cultivating a corporate culture that veers away from micromanagement and supports innovation, personal initiative, and collaboration. We're not sure what the future holds for eLearning Ιndustry, but we plan to keep our values front and center and remain one of the best workplaces in Greece.

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