7 Change Management Online Training Resources That Don't Break The Bank

7 Change Management Online Training Resources
Summary: You shouldn’t have to take out a second loan to fund your change management online training. In this article, I share 7 online training resources that can stretch your budget and prep staffers for the business transformation ahead.

How To Keep Your Change Management Online Training In Budget

Many companies resist change because of the price tag. They know that updating their online training resources and launching a new change management online training program can be costly. But that only hinders business growth and employee potential. Fortunately, there are change management online training resources that don’t break the bank, from webinars to peer-based support. These budget-conscious online training tools can help you appease employee fears and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Even if that page includes multiple policies, leadership or protocol changes that tend to fray the employees’ nerves.

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eBook Release
Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown
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1. New Policy eLearning Infographics

eLearning Infographics are easy to update, which makes them an ideal cost-cutting online training tool, especially if you have new company policies to impart that may change over time. For example, you frequently adjust customer service policies based on trial and error. Simply save the eLearning Infographic template and remove/add the necessary text blocks and images to keep employees in-the-know. Your rapid eLearning authoring tool may already have built-in templates to help you save time and money.

2. Task Video Demos

New tasks mean fresh demo videos with expensive tags. But is there a way to reduce production costs without resorting to stick-figure cartoons or pieced-together slideshows? The answer is to get your team involved and invite them to re-enact the task in order to show their co-workers how it’s done and how to deal with common sticking points. Use your eLearning authoring tool to add audio narration, charts/graphs, and background music. Another option is animated demo videos for dangerous processes. For example, you need to show your employees how to evacuate the building during a fire according to the new rules or compliance regulations.

3. Live Event Intros

New team leaders enter the organization and usually meet some degree of resistance. Employees aren’t familiar with their work habits or practices. They may even be emotionally attached to the old manager and feel like the new recruit has stolen their spot. So, invite leadership to host live events and provide an informal introduction. Nothing too personal. Just a little background information about their careers and what they bring to the organization. They can even host a little question-and-answer session at the end to inject some personality and ease employee fears. Record the event and add it to your online training library to stretch your budget even further. Plus, new hires can refer to the webinar in the future to familiarize themselves with the department head.

4. Team Leader Podcasts

Another way that team leaders can contribute is podcasts. Ask them to speak about their areas of interest or personal strengths. Keep it short so that employees can listen on the go. Then add sound effects, music, and other engagement elements to jazz things up and grab their attention. This is their opportunity to break the ice and offer pointers to their department. You can also develop change management online training resources for other transitional topics. For example, the sales manager can host a podcast series for the new sales task protocols or product-line overhaul.

5. Peer Coaching

Sometimes, employees feel like they’re flying solo during business reshuffles. That their roles are in jeopardy or that they don’t have support because everyone is focused on the change management processes. This is why peer coaching is a welcome addition to your online training program, not to mention, cost-effective. Pair employees with like-minded coworkers who can help them through the rough patches and provide one-on-one guidance. For instance, help them concentrate on their goals and bridge skill gaps to be more productive on the job. Team leaders can also step into this role and host peer coaching groups on social media. Every week, they field questions or post a prompt that encourages members to share their thoughts and ideas.

6. Online Training Pre-Assessments To Gauge Readiness

Online training pre-assessments are one of the most budget-friendly change management online training resources if you have a rapid eLearning authoring tool. Preferably, one with built-in quiz templates. However, you can also ask the employees to contribute their own quizzes based on their personal expertise and experience. They understand how change impacts employees emotionally. So, they can develop online training pre-assessments to gauge readiness and disclose how much employee training participants know about the topic. Are they aware of the changes ahead? Do they have the necessary skills? What is their current knowledge base? Quizzes also provide online training data you can use to customize your approach.

7. Team-Building Collaborations

Debates, brainstorming sessions, and social media discussions are just a few ways to spark collaboration among your workforce. These team-building exercises also prepare employees for the challenges ahead because they identify hidden gaps or limiting beliefs. Employee training participants are able to see things from a different perspective, learn from each other and commiserate about the change in order to destress. The only rules are that the conversation must be productive, topic-centered, and respectful of each one's opinions. Assign a moderator to ensure everyone has their say and isn’t overshadowed by the "vocal" member. Another idea is to pose a problem the team must resolve collectively and then create a JIT online training support tool.

There is ample opportunity to go over budget due to unexpected hurdles and lack of organization. However, these wallet-friendly change management online training resources can help you save money without cutting corners and losing top talent, from demo videos that show them the basics to DIY podcasts produced by team leaders. You can even get managers involved to serve as peer coaches or live event hosts. Whatever online training tools you choose, be sure to create a realistic budget that outlines repurposing costs and custom eLearning content development.

Every organization must endure change from time to time, and this can be frightening. Download the eBook Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown: How To Launch A Successful Change Management Program to discover how to launch a change management program that is destined to be a roaring success.