7 Tips To Choose An eLearning Content Provider For Change Management Online Training

eLearning Content For Change Management Training
Summary: Finding an outsourcing partner is often resource-draining and time-consuming. However, there are stress-free ways to choose an eLearning content provider for change management online training without going over budget.

How To Find The Right eLearning Content Provider For Change Management

Change management online training is already pressure-packed as it is. You don’t need to add exhaustive vendor vetting to the mix, spending countless hours (and resources) reaching out to companies, only to find that they don’t specialize in your industry. Fortunately, there are less stressful ways to select an outsourcing partner who will help you minimize online training headaches instead of adding to them. These 7 tips can help you choose an eLearning content provider using online directories, user reviews, and social media recommendations. Best of all, they’re free and easy to implement so that you can partner up with the right content developer as quickly as possible.

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1. Determine Your Budget And Project Scope

Set a realistic budget for your change management online training program so that you know how much you have to work with. You can request estimates from eLearning content providers. But first, you must have a clear idea of the spending cap and what you need in order to get the best ROI. For example, a list of online training resources that should be included in the package. This brings us to the project scope. Determine which tasks you’ll delegate to the outsourcing partner and which you’ll complete in-house. This comes in handy when requesting estimates down the line, as well.

2. Find An eLearning Content Provider In Your Industry

Ideally, you need an eLearning content provider who not only specializes in change management online training but understands your industry. A vendor who has experience in your niche and knows the unique challenges employees will face. They’re aware of the common processes, protocols, and compliance regulations that pertain to your niche. Which means that you don’t have to spend the first week bringing them up to speed. You can dive right into custom content development based on your company vision and online training objectives.

3. Simplify The Search With An Online Directory

An online directory has all the leading eLearning content providers in one centralized spot. So, you can see which companies specialize in your sector and breadth of experience. Every listing features a company bio, which gives you a brief glimpse into their history and ideologies. As well as contact info to reach out directly and learn more about their offerings or even set up a meeting—which we’ll address later in this article. Filter results to expedite your search and find a provider that meets your requirements. Or sort them by ratings to see who rises above the eLearning competition.

4. Evaluate Ratings And Reviews

Another factor to consider is user reviews from companies who have hired the eLearning content provider and are willing to offer more insight. For example, did the vendor answer their questions promptly or did they have to wait a week for a follow-up? Did they deliver a high quality finished product? What was the communication like between their team and the outsourcing partner? Did they adhere to the deadlines? Is the reviewers' use case similar to yours?

5. Consider Other Solutions

You might be hiring an eLearning content provider for change management online training. However, other solutions should factor into the equation. Do they also specialize in microlearning for JIT support? What about VR to create more immersive and engaging online training resources that build real-world experience? Ideally, you need an outsourcing partner for the long haul. Someone you can rely on for future projects, instead of having to go through the whole vetting process again when you need to update your online training library. That said, they shouldn’t stretch themselves too thin. For instance, they list 25 different solutions but don’t really have an area of expertise.

6. Ask For Recommendations

People in your network may already have a go-to outsourcing partner for change management online training. They’ve used the company countless times before and trust their know-how. So, ask for recommendations on social media or even in-house. Provide some basic info so that people know what you’re looking for. For example, you need a provider for your specific industry. They should also understand the stressors involved with leadership change. And this is your development timeframe—which weeds out companies that are fully booked or often go over deadlines. Clarify which online training resources you require and a ballpark budget estimate. If you don’t feel comfortable posting this information on your social media wall, reach out to contacts directly.

7. Set Up A Meeting

Now that you have a shortlist of potentials, you’re ready to set up a meeting and see who makes the cut. Prepare a list of questions in advance so that you respect everyone’s time (including yours). Clarify the budget, project scope, and training objectives so that the vendor has an idea of your selection criteria. Ask them about their past work and if they’ve dealt with similar change management topics. For example, have they helped other organizations completely restructure their customer service processes? Another option is to request a sample project to put their talents to the test. Also, evaluate their portfolio and list of references to verify their credentials. Then meet with your team to make the choice.

The right eLearning content provider can make change management online training less daunting. They bring their insider knowledge and talents to smooth the transition. But only if you hire an outsourcing vendor who understands your unique challenges, time constraints, and spending limitations. Use this article to choose a company that becomes an ally during the tumultuous transformation. A dedicated team that works with your own L&D department to achieve goals and maximize resource allocation.

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