9 Christmas Activities To Do With Your K-12 Learners

9 Christmas Activities To Do With Your K-12 Learners
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Summary: The countdown to Christmas has started, and we’re all preparing for an exciting holiday season that promises us extra time to relax with our friends and family. But no matter how much we enjoy Christmas, children enjoy it more.

Christmas Activities For School-Age Children

If you’re looking for ways to make the holidays even more entertaining for your K-12 students, you’re in the right place. In this article, we share some fun Christmas activities you can share with your class, whether you’re teaching remotely or in person.

9 Ideas To Bring Christmas Joy To Your Students

1. Cut And Decorate Snowflakes

Decorating the classroom (or house) is a great first step in celebrating Christmas. And can you think of a better decoration than something your students made on their own? So, grab a few pieces of paper and some (child-safe) scissors and show your class how to create their own snowflakes. Then, add glitter glue, hang them up, and watch them sparkle.

2. Christmas Coloring Pages

This Christmas activity is great for allowing kids to express their creativity and practice their fine motor skills. Print out various Christmas-related black and white drawings and let kids color them. When the activity ends, everyone can show their creations and hang them on the classroom wall.

3. Have A PJ Day

Christmas is all about relaxing and feeling comfortable. There’s no better way to bring that cozy feeling to the classroom than having a PJ Day. On that day, students can come into (virtual) class wearing their special Christmas pajamas.

4. Make Christmas Cards

Christmas cards make for excellent memorabilia but also help children practice their written and artistic skills. Start by teaching them typical Christmas symbols (bells, Christmas trees, mistletoe) and vocabulary (greetings and wishes) that we can see on Christmas cards. Then, let them choose who their card is for how they want to decorate it.

5. Write A Letter To Santa

The most important letter children write during Christmas is, of course, the letter to Santa. Make this Christmas activity a little easier for children by creating a template with blanks that kids will have to fill. This way, they can easily practice writing their name and a list of things they would like dear Father Christmas to bring them.

6. Pin The Nose On Rudolph

This Christmas activity is a spin on the classic birthday game, and it’s great for younger and older students alike. Print out a large picture of Santa’s most quirky reindeer and cut a big, red nose with some sticky tape attached to the back. Your students will take turns trying to put the nose in the right place while blindfolded. This fun game is sure to fill your classroom with laughter.

7. Sing Christmas Carols

Encourage your class to let loose and have fun by putting on Christmas carols with the lyrics on the screen or written down. Apart from singing and dancing, this Christmas activity allows your students to practice their reading skills if they're older or expand their vocabulary and exercise their lyric memory if they’re younger. This activity allows children to release their excess energy and get in the holiday spirit.

8. Learn About Christmas Around The World

Exploring what Christmas looks like in other parts of the world is an excellent opportunity to broaden the horizons of your little learners. What traditions do they have in other countries? What do they call Santa Claus? Do they have Christmas stockings? Pick another country to talk about every day and have your class compare them to their family’s traditions.

9. Brainstorm Acts Of Kindness

Take the time this year to teach your class that Christmas is a season for being thoughtful and giving back. Brainstorm together a list of things they can do for their family, their friends, or their community. They could do a chore for their parents, feed a stray animal, or write a Christmas card for an elderly neighbor. Then, encourage them to perform at least one act of kindness each day.


Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year, and there are so many things we can do to make it even more joyful for little kids. From drawing, crafting, and singing, to learning about the holidays in other countries and trying to be kinder to others, we have shared a wide variety of Christmas activities that will make your in-person or virtual classroom a happier place.

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