6 Creative Ways To Incorporate Plot Twists Into Your Compliance Online Training Course

How To Integrate Plot Twists Into Your Compliance Online Training Course

You’re watching a movie when suddenly a big secret is revealed that makes you question everything you believed to be true. Or the book you’ve been reading for days drops a bombshell that changes your entire perspective on a character. Plots twists are one of the most difficult literary techniques to pull off because it requires misdirection. However, it can be a powerful tool in compliance online training, especially for dull or dry subject matter that needs a little shock value. Here are 6 creative ways to incorporate plot twists into your compliance online training course without undermining the issues.

1. Storytelling That Challenges Assumptions

Tell employees a story that seems like it’s going in one direction, but include a plot twist that challenges their assumptions and beliefs. For example, the main character may appear average, but a twist reveals their hidden talents. Or they seem to be top performers, only to violate every rule in the book when completing the task. These stories prompt employees to reflect on their own performance. Do trainees have undisclosed strengths they should explore? Have they made compliance mistakes they must avoid in the future? They’re able to re-evaluate their habits and past decisions through the lens of the main character.

2. Twist-Ending Demo Videos

Produce demos for your compliance training course that sets a prime example. Include all the essential steps so that employees can improve performance behaviors. Remember to include a twist ending that turns everything on its head. For example, the actor follows protocol until the last stage, when they suddenly make a crucial mistake. Don’t tell employees about the misstep. Let them figure it out on their own through follow-up questions or prompts. For example, ask trainees if they’d do anything differently to achieve a better outcome. If they don’t spot the slip-up, drop some subtle clues to make it more obvious. You don’t want them venturing into the workplace with incorrect information just for the sake of a twist ending.

3. Eye-Opening Infographics

Design compliance online training infographics that include a few obvious facts or figures. Information that employees probably already know or naturally assume. The storytelling technique should be introduced in the last section. Include an eye-opening concept or statistic that makes them think twice about the topic. For instance, they didn’t realize that the theft rate was so high or the real reason behind the company dress code. Embed links to resources that support the facts and allow employees to explore on their own. Try to avoid content that’s too controversial or polarizing. The goal is to encourage employees to re-think the issue and their perception of the compliance policies.

4. Compelling Case Studies To Highlight Trends

Case studies might be one big plot twist if employees misunderstand compliance issues or underestimate their importance in the workplace. For example, they didn’t realize how long a regulation has been in effect. Or were unaware of the evaluation of a trend/policy. But you can also include minor twists in the case studies, such as mentioning surprising historical points on the trend timeline. Storytelling in eLearning doesn’t have to involve characters and sub-plots. In fact, sometimes compelling case studies based on reality are the best eye-openers for compliance training. You know what they say: the truth can be stranger than fiction.

5. Personal Anecdotes With A Purpose

Employees usually look up to their managers and supervisors. Especially if the leadership team has proven their worth and stood behind the team. Thus, their personal tales hold merit for subordinates. Upload anecdotes with a plot twist to the compliance training LMS that impart valuable life lessons. The purpose is to make employees second guess their own decisions and to look at their faults from a different angle. For instance, a warehouse supervisor who uses the wrong equipment to transport merchandise or doesn’t properly store the items which then leads to damaged products. The twist might be how they handled the situation and came up with a viable solution. Employees are able to see that lateral thinking can help them mitigate risks and overcome on-the-job challenges. However, it also highlights mistakes to avoid, so that they benefit from the storyteller’s experience.

6. Plot-Driven Serious Games

Modern games usually contain a series of twists and turns. Which makes them the ideal choice for your compliance online training course. The key is to include plot-driven serious games that support the objectives and make the content more entertaining. Employees are more likely to remember the outcome if it’s framed by game mechanics, such as levels and in-game challenges that tie into the compliance issues. Give them control of the main character, who must navigate a tricky COI or company policy breach. Build up the excitement and show them the motivating factors behind the character. Then reveal something surprising about the situation that puts a seed of doubt in their minds. A secret or overlooked detail that challenges their current thought process and makes them look at the issue differently.

The golden rule for incorporating plot twists in compliance online training is to keep it simple. You want to surprise employees without creating confusion. You don't want them so distracted by the twist that they forget about the outcomes and real-world applications. Unlike Hollywood blockbusters, you only have a limited amount of time to make their jaws drop and impart crucial information. There shouldn’t be so many twists and turns that employees feel like they’re on an emotional rollercoaster.

There are a number of reasons why storytelling is so effective in eLearning. Read the article 7 Tips To Integrate Storytelling Into Your Next eLearning Course to help you incorporate storytelling in your eLearning design and development process in order to create a highly effective and engaging eLearning experience for your online learners.

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