Customer Experience Insights: 5 Tips To Use LMS Reviews And Ratings To Evaluate Your Next LMS

Customer Experience Insights: 5 Tips To Use LMS Reviews And Ratings To Evaluate Your Next LMS
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Summary: Are you feeling overwhelmed by the search for your new LMS? Get invaluable hints and tips from customers that have evaluated the LMS before you.

Customer Experience Insights: How To Use LMS Reviews And Ratings To Evaluate Your Next LMS

The world of online reviews and ratings is an interesting place. Chances are, some people are online because they want to vent, while some are paid to write great reviews. Some people are too busy using the product to think about how it has changed their lives. Others are in environments to which you simply can’t relate. So, how do you pick your way through the thousands of LMS reviews? How do you choose what’s relevant to you, and what to disregard? For starters, you need to choose a review/rating site that is credible and reliable. As an example, eLearning Industry’s LMS directory has countless unbiased LMS reviews that feature the user’s profile information and a detailed overview of the tool. This offers you a more holistic overview of what the platform has to offer your organization. From looking at the history of the reviewer to categorizing advice, here are some great tips to help use LMS reviews and ratings to evaluate a Learning Management System.

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Some General Reviewer Advice

First things first, look at the number of reviews for each LMS. It’s far easier to judge the feedback if there is a broader base for comparison, so choose the ones that have a higher number of reviews. Look at the average rating, and then drill down into the LMS feature that is most important to you? Ease of use? Affordability? Make sure you’re following customer experience insights from customers with the same requirements as you. That in mind, let’s look at how to go about judging which reviews matter to you. Does the reviewer have a similar company size to yours? How long have they been using the system? Are they newbies or repeat buyers? Does the advice look practical and relatable? Look for sites that have done the research for you, pulling together the best value for money, user-friendly or most popular LMS. It’s a great starting point to narrow down your search. Like eLearning Industry’s comprehensive LMS directory.

Picking Out The Relevant Details

So, how do you use those customer experience insights from actual users to determine if an LMS is right for you? What’s the right kind of advice to follow, that’s most relevant to you as a customer? Here are 5 categories of advice to watch out for:

1. Usability

How long does it take to set up an online training course? Is much user training required? Has it been popular with past users who have similar years of experience? Is the User Interface intuitive for using without too much training? Does the system have easy searchability? Is it easy to create an individual learning path?

2. Reporting

What is the general admin functionality like? How good are the analytics? Are LMS reports easy to customize and extract? Does the support team recommend the system for ease of use of the analytic functions?

3. Customer Service

What’s the reality of using the system? Is customer support something that is heavily relied upon? How individual is the support response? Are there useful options for contacting support, such as live chat? How good is the response time? How much support is received during the implementation period? Does support continue at the same level into the live environment?

4. Features

Does the system have the right amount of usable features? Are some features sitting unused? Do you have to pay for new and improved functionality? Is the L&D team working on improving and designing new features?

5. Reliability

Is the LMS a cloud-based solution and, if so, what are the response times? How quickly do interactive elements like video take to download? Are reporting and analytics functions provided without a long wait? How long does it take to download online training materials and take them offline if needed?

Explore The Pros And Cons Of Your Top Choices

The eLearning Industry’s LMS directory gives reviewers the opportunity to share customer experience insights and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of the platform. They’re able to share what they liked best and disliked most about the tool. This allows you to weigh each system based on your organization’s needs and objectives. For example, a user mentions that the support services are somewhat lacking. Thus, you may need to reconsider your top choice if your L&D team requires more advanced support options due to their limited tech experience.

Compare Your Top Contenders

The LMS directory also features a comparison tool that enables you to see how different tools stack up. It explores 5 crucial aspects of the tool, including user satisfaction scores and performance overview star ratings, as well as the support options that each LMS vendor provides and their top features.

Following other people’s advice is always a balancing act. You want to understand their motivation for providing it, as much as you want to know the content of it. If you feel confident that the reviewer is independent, genuine and in a similar environment, take on board what they say. Don’t let the bad outweigh the good, if there are many more positive than negative elements. If something troubles you in a negative review, then address it with your LMS vendor. Make it known that you’re doing your research and you won’t be left with doubts. Make sure the positive LMS reviews are relevant to your objectives. If you’re looking for value for money, then people raving about features won’t be of interest. Look for details that tell you how the LMS functions in a real environment. Then your research will be fruitful and could just change your mind.

What are the warning signs that you should look for in your current LMS before deciding to buy a new one? Are your top LMS choices going to deliver the superior customer experience you deserve? Download our free eBook LMS Customer Experience: How To Find A Platform That Offers The Complete Package to find the LMS that delivers the best customer experience for your organization. There are tips to choose the LMS vendor that offers the ideal level of support and how to identify your expectations before making the investment, as well as how to use an online LMS directory to select a platform that delivers a superior CX.