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What is ApplicantPRO?

ApplicantPro is an applicant tracking and recruitment solution designed to cater to the applicant management and recruitment requirements of any business in any industry, including manufacturing, education, healthcare, travel, and more. The software is also built to help companies stay compliant with EEO/AA and OFCCP guidelines. Applicant Pro has served more than two million job seekers and over 2,700 companies and organizations, and the customer base is continuing to grow.

With ApplicantPro, businesses are on top of the whole recruitment process, from attracting and hiring top candidates for open positions in their companies. It basically simplifies the hiring process with its user-friendly job board technology, helping businesses attract large throngs of highly skilled and qualified applicants and select only the most viable candidates. At the same time, it is easily integrated with a number of third-party service providers to ensure that you will be able to use it in every software ecosystem.

Overview of ApplicantPRO benefits

ApplicantPro is all about attracting high quality talents and getting the best candidates to fill open positions in your company or organization. This very flexible and straightforward software works well with the leading job boards, search engines, employment sites, and social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, and Twitter to help push their ads and announcement for vacancies in their company. This helps companies dramatically expand the visibility of their ads and reach out to more people, thereby increasing the numbers of qualified applicants who can see and respond to their job ads.

The software streamlines the hiring phase by automating the applicant tracking process. Every information on each applicant is digitized and synchronized on all devices, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper. ApplicantPro provides businesses with a branded career page that can be tailored with your company’s logos and colors and is optimized for mobile devices. That means applicants can log on to your page and submit their resumes straight from their mobile phones or tablets.

With ApplicantPro, screening applicants and making a shortlist of the best candidates is now simple and fast. The software lets you create custom interview questions stemmed from the requirements and qualifications you are looking for. This makes it easy to group your applicants to those who are qualifies and those who did not meet minimum requirements. What you then have is a pool of talented and skilled people that your business needs.


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