eBook Launch: Closing Sales Performance Gaps Using Gamification

eBook Launch: Closing Sales Performance Gaps Using Gamification
Summary: Download this eBook to discover how an effective gamification strategy can help you disclose and bridge sales performance gaps.

How Do You Close Sales Performance Gaps By Leveraging Training Gamification?

There is any number of reasons why your sales team may not be hitting their targets. Maybe they lack the necessary self-confidence and simply don't know enough about your products. It could also be that they still need to cultivate essential skills, like the fine art of negation and persuasion. Whatever the case, a solid training strategy with gamification can give them the support they need and bridge performance gaps before they start impacting your bottom line. This eBook shows you how.

eBook Release: Closing Sales Performance Gaps Using Gamification
eBook Release
Closing Sales Performance Gaps Using Gamification
What if you turn your learning tracks and coaching into something that is fun, exciting, and entertaining and that actually closes sales performance gaps? Enter gamification.

Why Training Gamification Is The Key To Unlocking Sales Team Potential

Every member of your sales team has their own source of motivation. This is why it's so crucial to launch a training gamification program that respects their individual preferences, requirements, and preexisting gaps. When done correctly, gamification has the power to identify underlying issues, such as talents they still need to acquire to provide stellar service and represent your brand with confidence. It offers them friendly competition and ongoing feedback so that they can continually improve their workplace performance.

Another perk of using gamification to improve behaviors and break negative habits is that it allows employees and external partners to track their own progress. They're more driven to assess personal areas for improvement and take action because they want to experience that sense of achievement. It's not simply about earning a badge or making it to the next in-course level. In fact, fueling intrinsic motivation is one of the main reasons why gamification is such an effective sales training tool. Game mechanics give them the initial boost until their need to upskill and prove they have what it takes kicks in.

That said, you must find the best gamification partner first. Ideally, someone who understands the unique challenges your sales teams face, as well as your brand values and objectives. That's where his eBook steps in to help you choose the right solution for your business needs and implement a gamification program that gets results.

About This eBook

How do you figure out where the gaps are and why they exist in the first place? Once you identify them, how do you use gamification to take training to new heights and make the most of your internal talent? Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll find in this guide:

  • What is Gamification?
  • Why Sales Performance Gaps Exist
  • Understand Your Talent and the Different Needs of Your Sales Team
  • How Gamification Helps Close Sales Performance Gaps
  • Closing Sales Gaps for Good
  • How to Leverage Gamification to Boost Engagement
  • Implementing Gamification Successfully
  • Choosing a Gamification Partner


Download the eBook Closing Sales Performance Gaps Using Gamification to identify and address pain points that prevent your sales teams from achieving their goals. You can also join the webinar to learn how to close gaps for good and help sales reps who struggle to meet their quotas.