Learning Made Easy With An Employee-Friendly Learning Platform

Learning With An Employee-Friendly Platform
Summary: This article looks at how learning can be made easy using an employee-friendly learning platform.

How An Employee-Friendly Platform Can Make Learning Easy

It is necessary to support every employee in their learning journey and not just employees with talent. To do so, one must believe in employee training and development and resonate with the practicality of creating a people-first workspace.

Everything matters, from learning either delivered through specific courses or unique learning paths to employee onboarding, new hire training, refresher training, upskilling or even retraining the workforce. Compliance and regulatory requirements, process and business knowledge, and information about events must never be ignored too.

It is about learning innovation, making the right choice, and working with velocity. It makes a difference in the lives of all your employees, thereby emphasizing a customer-first approach, applicable even to your extended business community.

Everyone Loves To Learn

Creating An Administrator's Paradise

Avoid the time-consuming process for an administrator to understand the learning platform management capabilities. Tasks like managing user records, user group access, job roles, job levels, external APIs configurations, etc., must be seamless.

Having Custom Landing Pages

In all likelihood, employees may not have direct access to your CEO, but you can bring the CEO to them. Custom announcements always help. Also by creating onboarding videos featuring messages from your leadership team, your workforce can listen to how important talent and learning are to the organization.

Defining New Learning

Thinking out of the box to create a modern-age learning intent and learning journey can also help understand what coaching is in relation to learning across the organization. To begin logically and end with the desired outcome, education taxonomy always helps. This consistency is translated into a better long-term vision and goals.

Detailing Records

Creating completion records and storing other collaterals related to training courses, training guidelines, informative documents, FAQs, etc., are of paramount importance today. That could be spreadsheets and other business process manuals necessary from an operations standpoint.

Driving Retention

Investing in your employees to drive satisfaction levels well above the excellence mark could simply start by giving them an option to choose from a wide range of courses to better their knowledge. This can be backed up by looking into specialized learning, designed to give your workforce the skills needed to make an attractive lateral move or get to the next level.

Engaging Learners

Learning must be engaging; it must attract and not distract. Providing a combination of image libraries and template options for building new courses breaks the monotony of long hours of training and repetitive training classes. Interactivity is the name of the game.

Reading Data With Ease

Motivation today is also driven through a data-first approach and by seeing the impact as part of the learning outcome. Measurability becomes possible, and trends can also be charted. Aim for this new paradigm shift.

Improving Visibility

Today’s platforms call for push notifications, automated alerts, real-time analytics, custom analytics, and various evaluation and assessment capabilities to achieve targets, objectives, and milestones. Tracking and monitoring learning journeys is pivotal.

Expanding Learning Culture

This always begins right when a new hire walks through your organization’s front door. The necessity of strategic learning engagement activities and persisting with them is critical. Things that will support this cause include the creation of diverse learning paths, timely memory boosters, eliciting feedback through surveys, etc.

Leveraging And Growing Simultaneously

According to the 2018 Workplace Learning Report, two thirds of learners are motivated to spend more time learning if their direct managers are involved in their workplace learning. And every learning platform's UI must make user adoption seamless for every role (e.g., administrator, author, manager, learner, etc.).

Mapping And Its Relevance

Mapping courses by identifying the skill gaps and missing competencies always offers far more to your learners. In this manner, even before achieving the goals that have been set, you ensure that discrepancies are first addressed.

Overarching Flexibility

Make learning convenient by offering a combination of live training sessions and easily accessible online content through content aggregators. This offers learning comfort and a plethora of options to choose from. It also helps employees learn at their own pace, at their own timeline, and under less induced pressure.

Keeping Courses Unique

Authors who create courses and team managers who manage teams must be able to collaborate through social learning. They can bring in partnership models to build niche courses for their industry, vertical, and groups. SMEs and translators can later come into the picture and get involved through review cycles to produce quality content.

Champion Your Journey

An employee-friendly learning platform like KREDO endorses finding a champion who is the face of your learning vision. It may be a frontline employee or even a leader who is less hands-on but who could turn into a learning evangelist, sharing success stories with your extended partners and customers. We like to stay pertinent, and your questions will always be answered.

  • Do we understand the value of training, and are we your committed ally?
  • Do we promote a new learning culture and create positive change?
  • Can we bring synergy between your L&D and business?


A simple action can cause a revolutionary change. A live stream from your leadership on the culture of learning may enable your workforce to evolve, change, and look at learning from a whole new perspective. Have leadership play a vital role in encouraging an employee to move up the ladder in their career through digital learning. In simple terms:

  • Learn to unlearn
  • Learn to relearn
  • Skill to upskill
  • Skill to reskill
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