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How To Accelerate Employee Training And Development: The Essential Guide

There is nothing worse for your business than losing the knowledge you have invested in your employees because of them leaving. On the other side, there is a significant positive effect on employee retention if the training is in check. A business can pre-plan all of the training and development a new employee needs, from learning about the company culture to the tools they use to the goals you expect them to meet. Through this definition, you can create a dynamic path for onboarding. Onboard them right, and the reward you reap in the long term is excellent.

eBook Release: How To Accelerate Employee Training And Development: The Essential Guide
eBook Release
How To Accelerate Employee Training And Development: The Essential Guide
Find out how to create a successful training strategy for your business with the help of an LMS.

About The eBook: How To Accelerate Employee Training And Development

The eBook How to Accelerate Employee Training and Development is especially useful and a beneficial aid to help you make the perfect purchase decision regarding the LMS you will eventually buy. To prevent you from wasting valuable time and budget on a possible inadequate or less suitable LMS for your company.

LearnUpon helps pinpoint some key features which an LMS should have. From the element of ease-of-use where training should be intuitive and straightforward in order to manage and deliver, to branding, reports and integrations where an LMS allows you to connect to the systems you already have incorporated so you can save time to create efficient workflows. These features, as described above, may seem obvious once you hear about them or once you read about them. But it sure is nice to have all these essential feats lined out for you. Optimization is everything because it improves processes and presents a superior outcome. Knowing where to automate work processes and how to implement this is crucial too.

On the topic of automation, halfway the eBook, the authors delve deep into 7 best practices to automate your employee training and development. To help you save time by spending less of it on micromanaging. This chapter helps you to understand that automating such tasks is rewarding on the time side of work processes. Any repetitive action can be automated.

Taking The Next Step

Using workflows that efficiently manage thousands of learners is advantageous from two different perspectives. Steering them in the right direction of the training while at the same time getting all the data you need through reports and data analysis. You can combine your HR system with your LMS or by using APIs. It is just one of many methods in which you can simply swap your workforce data for your LMS. Learn how to make use of triggered notifications, automate certifications and get accustomed to the process of reporting. Make use of the structure of learning paths. After this, they proceed to document a variety of LMS integrations to help with employee training and development. Emphasizing how essential it is for an LMS to work together with others. Unfortunately, it is hardly ever the case that software works alone. More often than not software works better when it joins other systems; often it helps increase efficiency and allows you to derive more value from your software. The same concept applies to Learning Management Systems.

Near the end of the eBook How to Accelerate Employee Training and Development there is a chapter which helps elaborate on seven essential features which your employee training software should have for high user engagement which unsurprisingly is called 7 Features your Employee Training Software Should Have for High User Engagement. To further advance the accessibility and simplicity of the training, also making it inviting so that there are no barriers to your learners' success.

The list consists of the following:

  • Notifications
  • A Learner-Friendly Interface
  • Mobile-Friendly Training
  • Learning Paths
  • Gamification
  • Social Learning
  • Multimedia Course Content

All of these features combined deliver outstanding results when it comes to making your employee training and development much more effective. After a considerate amount of testing of your LMS features to discover what your audience responds to, you are good to go. Ready to start delivering accessible, engaging, and impactful forms of learning.

Training Your Employees Really Well

Determining the real value of your employee training is an important aspect of the whole process. It comes from practice and implementation. You should continuously be weighing the pros and cons of all features, receiving employee feedback and transforming that into actionable goals for your LMS; taking reports, surveys, assessments, funneling it down to an employee training program that helps your business reach its essential learning goals. LearnUpon LMS helps companies train their employees, partners, and customers offering a single, powerful solution.

It goes without saying that a company is almost always looking to implement features which make your employee training and development much more effective — remaining interactive in your approach, adaptable to the feedback of the learners. That's the key to accessible, engaging, and impactful learning. So if you want to make sure that they grasp a thorough understanding of what's expected of them, that their goals are apparent in the team and the broader organization, as well as give them access to the tools or resources they need to perform their role and providing them with the most up-to-date information and knowledge required to be a successful team member, then the eBook How to Accelerate Employee Training and Development is a perfect source to start from.

For those interested to learn how workforce training has repeatedly proven to have real benefits for businesses we would gladly invite you to register/watch the webinar Make Your Employee Training Robust And Engaging: How To Get The Perfect Balance, so you can better understand the importance of training and development in the corporate environment.

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