The Definitive Guide To Onboarding Programs

by Infopro Learning

Learn how you can transform your new employees into successful members of your organization. The Definitive Guide To Onboarding Programs will teach you how to improve new hire retention rates, speed up the rate of competency and increase productivity.

Key Chapters

  1. Common Onboarding Challenges

    What kinds of obstacles today’s L&D managers face with onboarding new employees?

  2. Design Tips

    6 easy things you can do to eliminate challenges when designing your onboarding program.

  3. Onboarding Tools

    The kinds of tools available to L&D professionals that help streamline the onboarding process.

  4. Setting Goals

    5 tips on setting effective KPIs and goals.

  5. Measuring Effectiveness

    How to measure your onboarding program and identify areas for improvement.

Creating an effective onboarding program will help your transform new hires into productive members of your organization.

If you, as an organization, know that having an incredible onboarding process improves retention rates by as much as 80%, increases productivity up to 70%, and can enable you to reach full proficiency 34% faster, then one has to wonder why not every company in the world has an astounding onboarding process. In all reality, there are plenty of reasons this process doesn't run as smoothly as it should in most companies. This guide is a perfect place to get started.

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