7 Gamification eBooks: The Ultimate List

6 Free Gamification eBooks: The Ultimate List
Summary: This article gathers 7 gamification eBooks from experts monitoring the innovations regarding gamification in eLearning. As this is a pioneering, and dynamic field, here you will find functional knowledge and descriptions of ways to uplift your online training by enriching your online training content with gamification elements.

The Ultimate List Of Gamification eBooks To Download

Gamification is here to stay as it can improve the engagement rate of your online learners, making eLearning fun and exciting. In this article, you can find a list of the latest 7 Gamification eBooks you can download and read. All Gamification eBooks are accompanied by a brief description about the eBook content, to help you pick up the ones that better match your interests. These Gamification eBooks cover a wide range of topics, give examples, and discuss a variety of topics related to the use of gamification and serious games in eLearning course design. This wealth of knowledge offers insight on the full spectrum of the benefits deriving from Gamification. You'll be convinced how from a "hot trend" Gamification has turned to be a "game changer".

As Gamification today is an integral part of eLearning, this list will constantly be updated with new Gamification eBooks, so keep it as a reference and download the ones that better match your interests. Enjoy your reading!

1. Game Changer: Game-Based Learning And The Future Of L&D From The Engagement Experts by Growth Engineering Ltd.

Learning games are the key to unlocking maximum engagement from your training content. Instead of subjecting your learners to passive eLearning, learning games demand interaction at every point. This edition is here to give you insight on how Gamification will appeal to your changing workforce, what's the involvement of neuroscience, case studies, tips, implementation ways, and many more that will turn you into a game changer for your organization's eLearning program.

2. Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement by CommLab India

Worried about learner disengagement in online courses? Are you looking to equip your employees with the ability to apply the right skill sets to their work? This eBook explores how game-based learning can help in these aspects. Learn how this learning strategy can propel learner engagement and be used in different types of training. Reading it you will find answers to what is gamification, why choose it, when and where to deploy it, and how to do it in a way that will benefit you and your learners the most.

3. How Gamification Is Reshaping Corporate Training – Featuring 10 examples by EI Design

Usage of Gamification for corporate training (particularly for serious learning, that is, meeting specific learning outcomes) is more than a buzz today. This eBook provides several insights on the usage of Gamification for serious learning and how you can use it for your diverse corporate training needs to increase employee engagement and boost performance. It gets you from the basics, to deployment for serious learning and corporate training, where it lets you in on the suitability of it, plus examples to prove it. This all adds up to a must-read if you aim at boosting employee performance.

4. Why You Should Adopt Gamification For Corporate Training by EI Design

Online training does not equal serious and boring learning. This eBook delves into gamification benefits for online training as well as how your business will ultimately witness value from it. In addition, it offers insight into how you can combine gamification with social learning and microlearning towards development of an engaging eLearning course, how it impacts corporate learning, and how you can multiply the impact manifold. Get to know four key indicators, plus the answer to eight top questions.

5. How Gamification Can Increase The Impact Of Your Compliance Training by EI Design

Compliance training is often associated with traditional and boring learning approaches. EI Design’s eBook gives you a thorough analysis on how you can use Gamification to engage your online learners and make compliance training a joyful enterprise. Produce the kind of learning impact Gamification brings, which is not possible through traditional approaches. Read all about how you can use partial Gamification to uplift the traditional approach for compliance.

6. What Is Gamification And How Can It Enhance Corporate Training by EI Design

Get insights on the concept of Gamification. Τhe benefits it offers for corporate training, whether it truly helps learners, or it can demonstrate a clear gain for business, and how you can use it in your organization for varied training needs. Best practices, trends, six top benefits, and six killer examples, you ‘ll find it all here. What’s more, check some real-world examples of how gamification can improve corporate training experiences and provide online learners with edifying content in an enjoyable way.

7. How Gamification Reshapes Learning by eLearning Industry

Gamification showcases great potential in the development of innovative eLearning courses. In this How Gamification Reshapes Learning ebook, you will find useful information about Gamification, its applications, and impact on the reshaping of learning, provided by 23 Gamification professionals. They were all carefully selected, based on their specialized knowledge on Gamification, education and business, as well as their innovative projects in this field.

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With this list of Gamification eBooks on-hand, you can tap into the insight, advice, experience and expertise offered by top eLearning experts. It reshapes what traditional learning had established, and enhances serious learning. This is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. You can download them quickly and conveniently.

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