7 Golden Rules For eLearning Freelancers

7 Golden Rules For eLearning Freelancers
Summary: Freelancing isn't easy but there are some tips and tricks that can pave the way to a long and profitable eLearning career. In this article, I'll share 7 rules that every eLearning freelancer should abide.

7 Rules That Every eLearning Freelancer Should Live By

Becoming an eLearning freelancer can be daunting. It's true that the benefits often outweigh the obstacles. However, finding your footing and landing the right eLearning projects takes dedication and determination. You have to beat out the competition and manage every aspect of your business, from accounting and marketing to customer service. Thankfully, there are 7 golden rules that can help you achieve success as an eLearning freelancer.

1. Know Your Limits But Don't Be Afraid To Test Them

You're only human. Which means that you have physical, mental, and emotional limits to consider. It's easy to overwork yourself in the beginning, especially if you are flying solo and trying to forge a solid reputation in the eLearning industry. Trying to tackle too many tasks at once can lead to burnout, though. As such, it's important to know your personal limits so that you don't overdo it. That said, you should also be willing to test those limits from time to time in order to reach your potential. For example, accept an eLearning project that takes you outside of your comfort zone to build your skills and experience.

2. Always Get It In Writing

Verbal contracts simply don't cut it. Unfortunately, clients may change their mind or forget that they agreed on certain terms. This can lead to a variety of complications that create unnecessary stress and confusion. Thus, it's essential to get everything in writing. Send estimates for each eLearning project and draft contracts before you complete any work. Clearly outline the specifics of the eLearning project, including delivery dates, payments, and the scope of the work. For example, what the deliverable will entail and when you'll complete each phase of the eLearning project.

3. Set A Schedule Even If It's Flexible

You need to find a happy medium in regards to your eLearning freelancing schedule. Working too many hours can lead to mental and physical exhaustion but working too few can compromise your success. It's a tricky tight rope. You're finally able to set your own schedule. So, you should ensure that it's flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen issues, such as personal emergencies or unexpected client meetings. The secret is sticking to the schedule so that you maintain the balance. Re-evaluate your agenda from time to time to ensure that it's still on point or move around certain scheduling items to better suit your personal and professional lifestyle.

4. Find Your eLearning Niche

It's crucial to know where your strengths lie and tap into your past experiences and personal interests. This allows you to build a successful eLearning freelancing career that's both rewarding and lucrative. You need to find your eLearning niche so that you're able to overcome the competition and establish yourself as an industry expert. In other words, become the go-to professional that's known for their unique eLearning expertise. It's best to choose an eLearning niche that you are passionate about. One that caters to your goals, skills, and talents. Specialties that are trending at the moment are worth considering but that shouldn't be the only evaluation criteria. The fad will pass, and you'll be left in a niche that isn't necessarily rewarding or fulfilling. As such, you should embark on a career path that speaks to you on a personal level.

5. Never Stop Learning

Successful eLearning freelancers are perpetual learners themselves. They are always learning new things and building new skills because they know that the constant pursuit of knowledge will help them in every aspect of their eLearning career. They are able to design more meaningful eLearning content. They communicate and collaborate with their clients more effectively and utilize cutting edge technologies to enhance the benefits of their eLearning deliverables. Become a lifelong learner by signing up for eLearning courses, attending workshops, and reading up on new Instructional Design theories and approaches.

6. Create A Realistic eLearning Budget

As the old saying goes: you have to spend money to make money. You must be able to allocate resources to your eLearning freelancing career. For example, purchase new eLearning authoring tools or invest in an effective marketing campaign. A realistic eLearning budget helps to ensure that you maintain a healthy profit margin. You have to know what you're spending on each eLearning project in order to create accurate estimates for clients. Otherwise, you end up losing money on the deal. In addition, eLearning freelancers need to keep an up-to-date expense sheet to identify areas where they can reduce their spending. For instance, marketing efforts that may be falling short of expectations.

7. Be On The Lookout For New Marketing Opportunities

eLearning freelancers must always be on the lookout for marketing opportunities. Nobody else is going to bring in new eLearning projects that align with your skills or assure potential clients that you are the best eLearning professional for the job. That's the beauty of freelancing. You are the one responsible for your own success. That can also be one of the drawbacks if you aren't willing to promote your talents and services. Attend networking events to expand your contact list. Create an eLearning portfolio that touts your abilities and find new and creative ways to drum up repeat business. For example, offering a discount to clients you've worked with in the past.

eLearning freelancing can be a rewarding and lucrative career but only if you're willing to put in the time and effort. You need to stand out from the crowd, create an effective eLearning budget, and never stop being a learner yourself. This allows you to be always at the top of your game so that you can achieve success on your own terms.

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