8 Indispensable Inbound Marketing Tips For eLearning Companies

8 Indispensable Inbound Marketing Tips For eLearning Companies
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Summary: Is your current inbound marketing strategy paying off, or do you need to fine-tune your approach to increase your sales stats? In this article, I’ll share 8 inbound marketing tips to help you promote your eLearning product or service.

8 Inbound Marketing Tips eLearning Companies Should Follow

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers by providing relevant and useful content. It’s designed to add value to every step of the buyer’s journey so that they stay well informed and loyal to your brand. This marketing approach does not place emphasis on attracting the attention of customers. Rather, the content created intends to address the needs and problems they face in order to build trust and credibility. The channels used in this type of marketing are also specific. Blogs, social media sites, and search engines all play a pivotal role. Let’s explore 8 indispensable inbound marketing tips for eLearning companies.

1. Optimize Your Landing Page

For successful inbound marketing, you need to have an attractive website with a simple design. All useful and helpful information should be in plain view. The landing page must be easy to navigate and mobile friendly. It should also contain social media links so that visitors can quickly spread the word to their online network or reach out to ask questions about your eLearning product and service if they still need a nudge.

2. SEO Is Key

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component of inbound marketing. You have to rank high on the SERPs if you want to stand out from the competition and reach your target audience. When creating inbound marketing posts for blogs and social media, it is essential to use keywords. You must also incorporate internal and external links to improve your SEO. The secret is to keep it organic and avoid oversaturation. For example, include the keyword naturally 4 times in a 1000-word article instead of mentioning it in every sentence just to boost your search engine standing.

3. Build An Online Community

To build an online community of loyal customers, you need to listen to their needs. Every time you post on social media, ensure that you go back to the posts to check consumer feedback. Answer any questions they might have about your eLearning products clearly. They need to know that you care about their thoughts and opinions. Prospects are more likely to purchase your eLearning products or services if the brand behind them is compassionate and attentive.

4. Integrate Calls To Action

Adding calls to action on your eLearning company website improves conversions. You can use various forms of call to action on your landing page. They can be in the form of active links, gated eBooks, and images, or requests for information. Just make sure that you don’t venture into the territory of pushy sales pitches. For example, stating that the visitors would be “fools” to miss out on this golden opportunity. You want them to feel welcomed and respected. Lastly, place your calls to action strategically on your website so that they attract attention and increase your click-through rates.

5. Continually Monitor, Measure And Evaluate

Where does most of your traffic come from? If an article is popular, determine how visitors found it so that you can focus on those platforms in the future. Tools like Google Analytics will help you determine the sites that generate organic traffic. In addition, analyze the demographic characteristics of the audience bringing you the most traffic. Then fine-tune your messages to keep them coming back for more.

6. Promote Yourself

Do not wait for the audience to come to you and view your marketing messages. Go to them instead. In this highly competitive industry, your work doesn’t stop when you publish the posts. No matter how interesting they are, they will attract little traffic if you do not share them widely. Promote your marketing content on social media and through email lists. Whenever you create a new post for your blog, let people know about it. Send 25% of the content to your email list and arouse the curiosity of your subscribers.

7. Don’t Overload Your Audience

Too much of a good thing can reduce your engagement stats. Subscribers and social media followers don’t want hourly posts from your eLearning company, reminding them to buy your product. But you still need to stay fresh in their minds. The secret is to post consistently without overloading your audience. For example, publish 2 or 3 new articles every week to your blog, paired with a daily social media post. This offers them the value-added content they’re looking for without becoming an annoyance.

8. Evaluate The Competition

The competitive nature of the eLearning niche can actually work in your favor, as you have the opportunity to evaluate what others are doing and adjust your inbound marketing strategy accordingly. For example, another authoring tool company’s social media post generates a significant amount of comments and likes. Therefore, you can create a post that features similar topics or tips to generate interest in your product. Just make certain that you don’t step on anyone’s toes by copying content. This can diminish your online reputation and lower your sales stats. Instead, look for a fresh angle and give readers something unique by using a competitor’s posts as inspiration. This also allows you to see which topics or platforms are more popular so that you can allocate resources more effectively. For instance, their Facebook posts seem to fare much better than their Twitter posts.

The primary objective of inbound marketing is to draw traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. Offering interesting and useful content will motivate visitors to click that buy button. When you give customers value via marketing messages, they believe that they will get equal value for your eLearning product or service.

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