How Can Technology Help The Induction Process? - Induction And Onboarding With Digital

Transforming The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital

First things first: Do you know why you’re doing Induction? By focusing on the reasons for Induction, it can be decided how to best to solve those reasons today. This can be the most important time to make a long-lasting impression on the employee, whilst they decide if they have made the right decision or not. Therefore, it’s vital to make a positive impression straight away, and this begins with onboarding. Onboarding is, among other things, about selling the business to your new employees: After job searching and choosing an organization to work for, the Induction process is a way for the company to reiterate that the new starter has made the right decision.

eBook Release: How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital
eBook Release
How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital
This ebook looks at why Induction exists and how technology makes Onboarding a smooth process.

A well thought-out Induction program is vital to provide the employee with the confidence and support they require to feel comfortable and competent within the organization. Focus on the problems that need solving:

  • Engaging new starters in what the company exists to achieve.
  • Preparing them to be successful from Day One.
  • Supporting them (and removing anxieties) so they can do their best work.
  • Giving them insights into how things get done in the organization.
  • Making sure they remain engaged and want to stay.

Remember, first impressions matter. Induction can be a formative experience for a new employee, shaping the way they feel about the company from then on. So make it count.

The Impact Of Technology On Your Induction Process

Think of the impact technology has had on how business is done and the ability to communicate with others. Our lives are enhanced by being constantly connected to devices and apps that help us to do new things every day. Science shows that by having constant access to information on the internet whenever we need it, modern technology has not only changed what we remember; it has changed how we remember. A smart study, led by Betsy Sparrow at Columbia, demonstrated that the availability of the internet is changing what we remember; we are more likely to recall where we will find the facts rather than the facts themselves.

We are living in the age of here-and-now; we no longer want to wait for the information we require, we expect to be able to go to our devices and find the answers we need. So why not use technology to engage new starters before their first day, save time and money, and build flexible and relevant digital resources?

Many businesses seem intent on providing new starters with everything they have to know on Day One and then leaving them to ‘get on with it’. Rather than isolating new starters or leaving them with not enough information, provide them with the tools to do the actual work they’re tasked with.

Whether it’s an article, blog, video, or user story, digital resources address the organization’s priorities to offer on-demand support for workers when they face their challenges, and better equip them to be more immediately effective.

Using digital resources allows new starters to learn and digest at their own pace. They can quickly go through information that they already know, or procedures they already have experience with, and take more time going over new information that they are unfamiliar with. Resources also give them the benefit of having a permanent bank of this information, that they can return to for a refresher at any point during their employment.

Digital resources are much easier to change than constantly updating paperwork as the company grows and expands. Technology makes it easy to update company policies and procedures immediately, so Induction resources will always be relevant and up-to-date.

If you want to know more about why and how to take your induction online, download the free eBook How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital.

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