Free eBook: How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital

Transforming The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital

Solid Induction and onboarding programs are vital for organizations to get right. Research shows that up to 20% of turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment, so it’s essential to engage and impress new starters straight away [1].

eBook Release: How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital
eBook Release
How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital
This ebook looks at why Induction exists and how technology makes Onboarding a smooth process.

We are living in a digital world, where technology has enhanced our lives; we no longer want to wait for the information we require, we expect to be able to go to our devices and find the answers we need at the same time, whilst engaging new starters and giving them the tools they need to be successful from the start.

The eBook How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital will show you how to digitally transform your onboarding and the results you get from it by:

Equipping New Starters With The Tools They Need To Succeed Straight Away

Induction is often overlooked and unfortunately, many new hires will look for a new job because of a poor first experience with a new company. A well thought-out Induction program is vital to provide the employee with the confidence and support they require to feel comfortable and competent within the organization.

Giving New Starters Relevant Information At Their Point-Of-Need

It’s common for new starters to have questions or doubts when starting a new job. Why not address these straight away and replace their apprehension with excitement and readiness from the moment they accept the job offer (“Yes”), to when they arrive on Day One (“Desk”)?

Leaving A Long-Lasting Positive Impression

Onboarding and Induction is not just about giving new starters a warm welcome and diving straight into how the organization works. It is also about selling the business to them. After job searching and choosing an organization to work for, the Induction process is a way for the company to reiterate that the new starter has made the right decision.

Providing Meaningful Connections Within The Organization

There is huge value in bringing people together during Induction but not for content dumping or attempts to transfer knowledge. Spend more time on meaningfully connecting new starters with each other and getting them really excited about joining the company.

Using Up-To-Date Resources, That Can Be Updated Immediately

Using digital resources allows new starters to learn and digest at their own pace, and offer a permanent bank of information that can be looked over again at any point in the future. Digital resources are easy to create using Looop and only take a few minutes each to create.

Capitalizing On Real User-Data To See What’s Working

Run experiments using digital resources and focus the results on improving the experience and ensuring that new starters’ needs and expectations are being addressed.

…Plus much more! Download your copy of How To Transform The Impact Of Induction and Onboarding With Digital today and realize the full potential of onboarding and how to really get the most out of your new starters.


  1. An onboarding checklist for success [infographic]

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