The Real Cost Of Ineffective Employee Training

Ineffective Employee Training:The Real Cost
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Summary: The cost of ineffective employee training can be high if you’re not careful. Learn about the pitfalls of ineffective training programs and how to avoid them.

The Cost Of Ineffective Employee Training Programs

The millennial workforce is vastly different from its predecessor. Innovative technology has led to huge changes in the workplace. These changes have led to the need for personal and professional development. It is a sort of cycle in which to evolve as a business you must evolve as an individual, and vice-versa. Millennial prospective employees want better jobs, and companies need to raise the bar in keeping these employees loyal and happy.

One of the best methods of boosting employee satisfaction is through employee training. Unfortunately, not every director, manager or team leader resorts to education to improve workplace culture. Perceived high costs, budget constraints, and lack of knowledge in this area deter the employer from starting a training program. Even when they do start one, poor employee training can negatively affect the bottom line. But, the real cost of ineffective training can be much higher.

Low Productivity

The value of employee training is often reflected in how productive your employees are. More diverse, engaging, and practical training courses result in higher productivity. This is because such immersive learning helps the learner grasp new concepts on a deeper level. The reverse is also true. If the training is boring and doesn't engage the learner, they feel undervalued and can even start performing worse than before.

A training program that meets learner needs also meets business goals. As your employees become more productive, you cut labor costs and your company becomes more profitable.

Low Efficiency

A well-designed training strategy will provide learners with new information and new tools on how to become more efficient at their job. On a psychological level, it helps employees eliminate frustrations generated by their gaps in knowledge. Ergo, ineffective training strategies also impact employee efficiency. When employees don't feel like they're walking away with valuable information, their workflow stays the same. Nothing improves, therefore, job efficiency remains the same.

By investing in training, you invest in your staff. That translates into more knowledgeable individuals who feel appreciated and valued. It's a great way to turn an employee into a loyal employee that will stay with you through thick and thin.

High Turnover

Regardless of the industry, many companies struggle with high turnover rates. If your turnover isn’t under control, you’ll be spending more money hiring and training new staff. But, if you create an immersive learning experience for existing staff members, you're raising allegiance and job satisfaction. Conversely, poor employee training can lead to employees leaving the job. This is because ineffective training strategies lead to dissatisfaction and increased stress levels.

You can curtail turnover rates by showing your employees you care. Providing a high-quality training program will empower your staff and encourage them to grow.

Poor Customer Service

It is a known fact that unsatisfied employees often deliver poor customer service. This happens when your workforce doesn't feel supported, has knowledge and performance gaps, and doesn't feel challenged on the job. Introduce ineffective employee training into the mix and the result is chaos. When you provide the right training, in the right way, to the right employees, you raise the overall happiness of your staff. A happy employee will deal with any customer service situation wearing their best smile.

Confident employees will be motivated toward daily job improvement. As such, engaging them in a high-value training course provides the confidence and motivation for better customer service problem-solving.


What happens when employees don't receive proper training? The sales, customer service, marketing, and pretty much every other department suffers. The overall quality of your services decreases and customers will see this almost instantly. Low-quality services or products influence your customers' perception of your business. This will dramatically show up in your bottom line.

Avoid this pitfall by supporting your staff in their professional growth. The saying "you get what you give" is not entirely accurate here! When you invest in the development of your team, the return is higher than the investment.

The Cost Of Ineffective Training Is Too High

Poor employee training can lead to low productivity, inefficiency, poor customer service, high turnover, and low-quality outputs of services and products. The workaround is carefully screening ineffective training strategies and selecting the solution that benefits your staff and business the most.

Information is power, and you have the power to help your business evolve! To talk more about your training needs and learn the best options for your company, contact Designing Digitally today!

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