eBook Release - LMS Reporting And Measurement For Online Training

Free eBook - LMS Reporting And Measurement For Online Training
Summary: In this eBook, we’ve collected our favorite posts that we’ve produced on reporting and measurement for online training. It’s your one-stop resource for all your reporting information!

LMS Reporting And Measurement For Online Training eBook

At Administrate, they’re passionate about lots of things in the training industry, but a big one is reporting! It is so vital for training companies to have to ability to access exactly the information they need, from all across their business, at any time. They then need to be able to use all this information to create customized, detailed reports, that are tailored to the exact audience and business question they are trying to answer.

Reporting can seem like a boring and thankless task, but it doesn’t need to be. LMS Reporting & Measurement For Online Training is here to show you that reporting is extremely useful and can be really interesting if you know how to tackle it!

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Administrate present the importance of reporting and how it can be used for optimal results.

What This eBook Covers

The eBook is divided into 7 sections, as detailed below:

Section 1: Getting Rid Of Boring Reports

The first section looks at how you can stop all those reports you’ve been laboring over being seen as boring and useless – maybe people have even stopped reading them. You really need to make reporting an interesting task to complete yourself, as if you’re not interested in the reports you are producing, how can you expect anyone else to be?

We cover how you can make your reports the best possible by taking the following steps:

  1. Get the right data.
  2. Know your audience.
  3. Use the data.
  4. Automate them – including information on how to decide on the timing of reports, which data you need, and how to store the reports once they are created.

Section 2: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Reports

In this section, we look at the 5 biggest mistakes you can make when writing reports and how to avoid them! Don’t waste your time creating reports that are incorrect or unusable when you could do a little research and create perfect reports every time.

All 5 mistakes are covered in more detail, including:

  1. Not asking your audience about what data they actually need to see.
  2. Getting the correct frequency for your reports.
  3. Making reports over complicated.
  4. Padding reports to make them look more important.
  5. Not proofreading your content.

Section 3: Reporting For Success – How Learndirect Use Administrate

At Administrative they love talking to their customers, and they had a chat with learndirect to see how they are using Administrate, and particularly their reporting features, to make their business more successful.

Read more detail on learndirect discussing how Administrate helps with:

  1. Reach and location.
  2. Scale and scheduling, including time management, clear workflows, and task management.
  3. Consistency.
  4. Methods and channels.
  5. What their plans are for moving forward.

Section 4: Crucial Data To Have At Your Fingertips – Training Company Edition

If you’re swimming in data it can hard to know which data points are the important ones, and which ones you really need to have access to at all times.

This section covers the data you need to have right at your fingertips, such as:

  1. Sales.
  2. Marketing ROI (Return on Investment).
  3. Events & resources.
  4. How you can use Administrate to have access to all this information quickly and easily.

Section 5: The Importance Of Training Measurement

Having access to all this data is not enough though, you need to know how to use it to make sure you are measuring your training business on a regular basis.

We take a look at the different ways you can measure your training, including:

  1. Observation.
  2. Following up with previous students or potential customers.
  3. The importance of surveys.
  4. Analyzing your data.
  5. Using online surveys.

Section 6: The Questions You Should Be Asking To Effectively Measure Your Training

Not sure where to start with surveying your students? These are the questions you need to be asking to effectively measure you training.

Areas you should be targeting with these questions include:

  1. Evaluating your tutors.
  2. Evaluating your course content.
  3. Evaluating your operations.

Section 7: Further Reporting And Measurement Resources

If you’re interested in doing some further reading or exploring some other tools related to reporting measurement, we’ve collected some together for you!

These include:

  1. Videos from LITE 2016 – Using the Financial Reporting Feature and Creating Insightful Reports.
  2. About Administrate – Reporting Overview video.
  3. Essential Training Reporting Templates.
  4. Training Company ROI Calculator.
  5. Essential Reports for Training Company Success [Free Templates].
  6. Why a Lack of Reporting Makes Staff Quit.
  7. How to Measure and Level Up Your Training.
  8. The 5th Training Evaluation Level: ROI.

To download this eBook, click LMS Reporting & Measurement for Online Training.

If you’re looking to see if Administrate could help with your reporting problems, please get in touch with them at [email protected]

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