LMS Salesforce Integration: Top 8 Benefits Your Organization Could Gain

LMS Salesforce Integration: Top 8 Benefits Your Organization Could Gain
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Summary: Do you need a new Extended Enterprise LMS to boost sales performance on a global scale? In this article, I'll highlight the top 8 benefits that an LMS Salesforce integration can bring to your organization.

8 Ways An LMS Salesforce Integration Can Benefit Your Organization

Your organization needs to provide training to external partners and your distributed sales team. You also want to simplify this training process without having to bolt-on even more software to your suite. One of the best ways to de-clutter your sales training program is to align your LMS and Salesforce platforms. Here are 8 notable advantages you could gain from adopting a Learning Management System that features Salesforce integration.

1. Offer Training Access From Your Sales Teams’ Preferred CRM

Your sales teams need convenient access to their training resources, as well as CRM software, such as Salesforce, that can help them sell more, manage accounts and provide superior service. LMS Salesforce integration makes it quick and easy to tap into LMS-based learning without leaving Salesforce, your sales teams’ preferred working environment. For example, from their Salesforce UI, your salespeople can view customer purchasing history, as well as spot trends or pain points. Then, by simply clicking a “Learning” tab in the same Salesforce UI, they can also view product knowledge demos that are relevant to these customer sales and pain points.

2. Bridge Customer Service Gaps

LMS Salesforce integration gives you the opportunity to quickly identify performance and skill gaps, particularly when it comes to customer service issues that require your immediate attention. For example, you can view customer training reports to see which resources they access most frequently, or not at all. This gives you a good indication of the products that interest them, as well as the knowledge they're lacking. You also have the ability to provide your sales team with the learning resources they require to keep customers informed, such as online tutorials on how to use a new product line, so they can highlight the key benefits and uses during sales calls.

3. Monitor Every Aspect Of Your Sales Training

One of the standout advantages of LMS Salesforce integration is the detailed tracking capabilities. Your organization has the power to monitor enrollments, completion rates and training certifications for external partners and customers alike. Team managers can even view individual reports to identify personal areas for improvement or monitor the ratings and reviews for their entire department. There is also the opportunity to run reports between Salesforce and your LMS to improve resource allocation and training efficiency.

4. Empower Your Geographically Dispersed Workforce

Deploying training to remote sales teams can be challenging. Especially when you need to consider individual gaps and goals, as well as organization-wide performance issues. Fortunately, LMS solutions that feature Salesforce integration allow you to provide contextualized, online training experiences, automatically updating relevant training courses, content and certification programs. Or giving individuals the opportunity to track their own reports, which empowers them to take charge of their sales training process.

5. Keep Up With Compliance More Effectively

This benefit actually hinges on two different factors. The first is the auto-sync feature that enables you to share data between systems. Thus, you can ensure that every member of your sales team is up-to-date with compliance certifications and mandatory training. The second factor is the ability to apply assignment rules when deploying your sales training initiatives. For instance, only certain members of your organization receive a notification for the latest certification course. They also have the option to participate in voluntary sales training based on their personal goals and job responsibilities.

6. Fine-Tune Your Sales Training Program

Successful organizations are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve their training or allocate their resources more effectively. LMS Salesforce integration gives you the power to track specific learning initiatives and gauge sales team or partner satisfaction. For instance, the ExpertusONE LMS platform features a Chatter Feed that allows you to gather valuable feedback, such as course ratings that indicate which training resources are popular and which need some fine-tuning. As a result, you're able to continually improve your sales training strategy and create more personalized learning resources for your salespeople and partners.

7. Improve Employee Satisfaction And Retention Rates

Satisfied employees who receive the training resources they require are more likely to remain in your sales organization. An LMS that features all the tools they need, and is easily accessible, removes training barriers. As such, every team member is able to build skills and expand their knowledge-base more effectively. Single sign-on and individual report tracking are just some of the perks that contribute to employee satisfaction. LMS Salesforce integration also enables them to quickly view course assignments that pertain to their job duties and skill sets. Thus, they don't have to scour the course catalog to find learning relevant to their needs. In addition, you're able to create LMS user profiles from the licenses you've already generated in Salesforce, which saves times and tears down yet another training barrier.

8. Provide Top-Notch Customer Training With Ease

Sales training also extends to your customers. LMS Salesforce integration can help you monitor customer engagement and provide them with relevant learning materials and opportunities. For example, reports indicate that 75% of customers participate in product demo simulations. This tells you that they enjoy interactive elements that impart practical knowledge and skills. Thus, you can give them more of what they want in order to enhance customer loyalty.

Is LMS Salesforce integration really worth the investment? Hopefully these 8 benefits can help you answer that question and determine the best course of action for your organization. If you're still unsure, download our white paper to discover how the ExpertusONE LMS can help you optimize your sales training. You'll also learn tips to boost sales revenue and reinforce learning with the dynamic duo of a modern LMS and the Salesforce CRM.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of owning an LMS that offers seamless Salesforce integration? Watch this quick demo video to see how ExertusONE can increase sales team learning engagement.