Salesforce Integration: 5 Reasons Why Your Learning Management System Needs It

Salesforce Integration: 5 Reasons Why Your Learning Management System Needs It
Summary: If your organization uses Salesforce, you could be missing out on powerful features by failing to integrate the platform with your Learning Management System (LMS). Not only is integration simple, when done correctly, it will make work easier for admins and users. Learn about the 5 top benefits your organization could gain from your Learning Management System’s Salesforce integration.

5 Reasons Why Your Learning Management System Needs Salesforce Integration 

If your organization uses Salesforce, integrating the platform with your Learning Management System will boost the performance of your learning and training programs. As the world's number one CRM, we knew that a lot of customers at LearnUpon were also using Salesforce. So earlier this year, we worked closely with those customers to launch our Salesforce integration. Just like our customers, your Salesforce system contains a wealth of rich data that can help make your eLearning processes smarter and more efficient. Integrating Salesforce and your Learning Management System will also make life easier for admins and learners. Whenever they need to access your Learning Management System, users can simply click on a learning tab in Salesforce, without needing to login again or leave the Salesforce platform. If you’re using Salesforce now, integrating the platform with your Learning Management System is a no-brainer. Here are 5 big benefits you’ll gain if your vendor offers seamless integration.

  1. Salesforce integration is easy.
    Well it should be, if a seamless integration option is offered by your vendor. If you’ve avoided integrating Salesforce from a fear of complexity, you shouldn’t worry. The integration is usually painless to implement. At LearnUpon, our integration works right out-of-the-box and takes just a few clicks to implement. After that, users can access all of their training data directly within their Salesforce platform. Information about learner actions –including things like enrollment, commencement and completion– will automatically sync in real-time from LearnUpon to Salesforce. Tracking and completion data about learner usage of training materials, videos and exams, is also instantly available for admins to manage from the Salesforce platform itself.
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  2. Make Learning Management System training easy for admins and learners.
    While your Salesforce integration should be easy to implement, it will also help simplify Learning Management System training in your organization. Enabling access to your Learning Management System within Salesforce, will help boost adoption rates for admins and learners. The integration will make it easier for users who are already familiar with Salesforce to adapt to your Learning Management System and weave it into their existing schedules. Fully integrated systems also encourage collaboration between teams and departments. Applications that can communicate with each other help minimize the fragmentation of working in silos and encourage collaboration towards shared business goals.
  3. Supercharge eLearning reporting.
    Allowing Salesforce to work with your Learning Management System multiplies the reporting power of both systems. When your CRM and LMS operate separately, reports can only offer a partial view of learner and course performance. By combining the outputs of multiple systems, integrations deliver more and richer data that can be used to improve eLearning programs. Strong integration features also remove a lot of the manual work that can make eLearning reporting time-consuming and labor-intensive. With LearnUpon’s integration, you can use your training data to generate custom reports within Salesforce. Administrators simply drag and drop training history and other required fields into reports as needed. Because training data automatically syncs in real-time between LearnUpon and Salesforce, reports can give instant insights on your most recent results in real-time. With all of this rich training data available to use in Salesforce itself, admins are much more likely to actively use reports to improve eLearning programs.
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  4. Stay up-to-date with an instant overview of learner activity.
    Being forced to move between multiple systems leaves a lot of room for users to miss updates and insights. But LearnUpon’s integration gives users total visibility of their training data. It’s easy for admins to stay up-to-date with important events when vital stats are displayed on their dashboard. Real-time information display and widgets can be used to quickly monitor which courses learners have enrolled in, completed, passed – whichever pieces of data have most meaning for you. This high level of visibility allows admins to check progress at a glance and respond in real-time. That’s how integrating Salesforce and your Learning Management System helps give admins a more rounded view of users while also making it easier for users to manage their workloads.
  5. Users only login once.
    LearnUpon's single-sign on (SSO) feature allows you to create a truly seamless training environment. SSO enables users to move directly from Salesforce to LearnUpon without ever having to leave Salesforce or be prompted for their password again. Giving learners and admins a single set of credentials they can use for both platforms helps deliver a superior user experience that can boost adoption and completion rates. Integration features like SSO are also great for keeping eLearning systems streamlined and learner-centric.
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But that’s not all! If you need multiple learning portals, LearnUpon’s integration makes it easy for admins to manage clients’ training needs, course licensing, and branding settings. And while our integration is simple to implement, you don’t need to do it alone either. Our award-winning support team will be on standby to help you with everything from configuring SSO to getting the most from reporting.

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