6 Pitfalls To Avoid When Integrating A New SMB Learning Management System

6 Pitfalls To Avoid When Integrating A New SMB Learning Management System
Summary: Using a new SMB Learning Management System can revolutionize the way you train your employees. Here are some simple ways to avoid 6 common pitfalls and get the most out of your new SMB Learning Management System.

Integrating A New SMB Learning Management System: 6 Pitfalls To Avoid

Planning on investing in an SMB Learning Management System? LMS platforms give you the power to develop and deploy online training that is tailored to your business needs. However, as with any training or digital system, issues that threaten to derail your plans can arise. You want to get the most out of your SMB Learning Management System and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here are 6 common pitfalls that business owners come up against when they first use an SMB Learning Management System.

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1. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Training is simple, you’ve been doing it with employees for years, right? It might seem easy, but translating your standard training material into a digital environment can be tough. Incredible ideas about unique and dynamic online training content might be rushing through your head. That’s great, and the digital LMS platform you choose will likely support a lot of your ideas. However, you need to remember to start small at first. If you are developing your online training in-house, you need to make sure you get the core online training right before you add the frills. Even if you are working with an eLearning content developer, make sure that they know what is most important to get done first. You can go back and expand on that information later. Just don’t focus on the nice-to-haves before the critical parts.

2. Getting The Cheap SMB Learning Management System To Cut Costs

Training is where your organization builds from, and it should be done right. If the least expensive SMB Learning Management System is the one that meets your needs, that’s fine. Just remember that this SMB Learning Management System will need to grow with your organization. You might not ever need fancy features but you will need a Learning Management System that will scale. Finding the best SMB Learning Management System for your needs and your budget will make a lot more sense down the road. You will also likely find that some options provide better support. This can really help you down the road when upgrades and updates begin and you need assistance.

3. Not Fully Understanding The Software’s Capabilities

When you first enter the world of Learning Management Systems, you may be bombarded by awesome LMS features. You’ll be overwhelmed at first and wonder how you could possibly use them all. Then, over time, you’ll see the need for customization and special features. This can lead to costly custom plug-ins that take a lot of time for the company to develop. As such, you should take advantage of free LMS demos and online training tutorials that the LMS vendor provides, or ask if they provide one-on-one support for your team. For example, a trained tech who can pay you a visit to highlight the key benefits and LMS features.

4. Launching The SMB Learning Management System Too Soon

New system rollouts take time and planning. SMB Learning Management Systems are complex and will change the way your company conducts training. You want to make sure the process flows well before you unveil the finished product. This also includes sneak peeks and LMS demos on a company-wide scale. That is not to say that user testing isn’t necessary. User testing the SMB Learning Management System will be incredibly helpful. You will need to do it to get good feedback and make the SMB Learning Management System even more useful. Still, it is important to test the system and have your training managers really understand it. Then, you start opening it up to a wider audience.

5. Ignoring Tech Limitations

Remember, online training needs to be dynamic and invite corporate learners to explore. Sometimes, online training makes corporate learners feel like that is all they need to know. Instead of following up with questions or asking for clarifications, employees are limited to the information on the screen. You need to give them simple ways to engage with the online training content further. This can be anything from an “ask a question” link to a brief in-person follow-up with the online instructor. However you decide to approach it, encourage corporate learners to think beyond the online training modules. You can also circumvent tech limitations by choosing an SMB Learning Management System that supports a broad range of online training content formats. For example, interactive simulations, branching scenarios, and online assessments.

6. Failing To Plan For The Future

Will the SMB Learning Management System grow with you? You might be a small business now, but that probably won’t always be true. As you incorporate new roles in your organization, you will need more capabilities. Does the LMS vendor plan to keep refining the SMB Learning Management System or do they seem less inclined to release updates? You want an SMB Learning Management System that will support new features as they become popular. Your employees will expect it, and you will want to have those features available to enhance your online training. Keep your future goals in mind when choosing your new SMB Learning Management System. You will be grateful you did, as training becomes more complex when your small to medium-sized business grows.

There you have it. There might be a few bumps in the road, but this is to be expected as it is with any new process or system integration. The benefits you get will likely far outweigh any issues you encounter. This is especially true if you follow our handy guide and stay aware of the most common pitfalls you should avoid. Paying attention and planning carefully will equip you to successfully implement your new SMB Learning Management System and roll it out seamlessly.

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