The Professional Personal Touch: Reasons Why We Inspire Authenticity In The Workplace

The Professional Personal Touch: Reasons Why We Inspire Authenticity In The Workplace
Summary: What does it mean to inspire authenticity in the workplace and encourage employees to stay true to themselves and your corporate beliefs? Let's take a closer look at why being genuine and adding a personal touch are crucial culture-building ingredients.

Being Authentic And Staying True To Your Corporate Beliefs

Earlier this year, we were named Best Workplace Hellas 2022, which gave us the rare opportunity to take a closer look at our values and how they impact our daily work lives from a different perspective. Since we're celebrating our 10th anniversary, we figured it was a good time to reflect, learn from past trials and tribulations, and offer insights to help other organizations build a thriving culture. So, we're creating a series of articles that center on our cultural pillars in honor of the occasion. This time around, we'll talk about authenticity in the workplace and why a personal touch makes a world of difference when it comes to not only culture cultivation but fostering a sense of community.

Keeping it real is the center of who we are. At eLearning Industry, we've forged a culture of trust and open communication, where every member of the team is not only allowed but encouraged to be proactive about issues and express their ideas. We firmly believe that this is the only way an organization can truly thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

What It Means To Be Truly Authentic In The Workplace

Creating a safe and supportive space where everyone can be their authentic selves is the key. Every team member needs to feel like they are on an even playing field when it comes to brainstorming new strategies and expressing their ideas. Nobody's innovations are less valid, and everyone should be welcome to contribute based on their experience, talents, and responsibilities. But authenticity doesn't stop with troubleshooting and devising new solutions to common problems. Being authentic also means letting your personality shine through in everything that you do, whether it's emailing a client or hosting a roundtable meeting. It's about maintaining professionalism while still adding a personal touch to every aspect of your workday.

A Story From An eLI Team Member

One of the most extraordinary things about working at eLI is that I know that what I say truly matters. My opinion counts, and everyone is able to speak their minds respectfully and point out areas for improvement. This might have to do with a process, a certain aspect of our business operations, or even an issue with team dynamics. On this particular occasion, I noticed that there was a project that would benefit from streamlining. A few of the tasks seemed a bit redundant, and combining a few of them, as well as eliminating outdated ones, could shorten the timeline by at least two or three days. 

I didn't hesitate to contact the project manager and let them know about my idea. I'd been part of the project for a few months at that point and knew that, during every weekly meeting, they saved a few minutes at the end for comments and suggestions. So, I made my recommendations, we all discussed the pros and cons of this new approach, and mutually decided that we were going to move forward with our revised plan of action. This entire situation would not have been possible without authenticity in the workplace; if I didn't feel as though I could be open about how I felt and share my thoughts. 

5 Reasons To Inspire Authenticity In The Workplace And Be Genuine

1. Build A Stronger Team Dynamic

One of the essential ingredients for inspiring authenticity in the workplace is respecting others' viewpoints. It's not merely about being who you are when you "clock in" but understanding that every member of your team has the right to be themselves. For example, an employee may disagree with a co-worker's idea, but they still give them the space to make the suggestion and discuss the benefits and drawbacks. Thus, you build a stronger team dynamic wherein individuals are encouraged to engage in lively discourse while still honoring each others' diverse perspectives and opinions.

2. Improve Employee Morale

People who can be genuine in the workplace are more likely to feel fulfilled. They know that the organization cares about self-expression and staying true to one's beliefs. As a result, they're more satisfied on the job and self-confident about their abilities. Inspiring authenticity among your workforce boosts morale and gives them the chance to achieve their full potential because there aren't any corporate pretenses.

3. Foster Better Relationships With Customers

That team dynamic we mentioned earlier also extends to relationships with customers and clients. Teams are able to collaborate more effectively and individuals are happier in the workplace, which translates into increased sales, higher CX scores, and stronger corporate partnerships. Giving a personal touch also makes customers feel like they're getting the VIP treatment instead of being regarded as just another order number.

4. Fuel Innovation

Inspiring authenticity at work allows employees to freely exchange their ideas and express their concerns. If they see a problem, they address it rather than trying to sweep it under the rug or ignore that there's an issue, to begin with. That said, being genuine also requires tact. As an example, an employee thinks they know how to solve a problem that's been plaguing the company for months, but it involves multiple co-workers' tasks and job responsibilities. To fuel innovation without creating toxicity in the workplace, the employee must know who to approach first and how to communicate their strategy without making others feel slighted or disrespected.

5. Turn Mistakes Into Learning Opportunities

Being authentic sometimes involves owning up to one's mistakes and turning them into opportunities for growth. In fact, it's this mindset shift that allows people to overcome the fear of failure or of being judged. They're aware that taking calculated risks and being accountable is part of the authenticity package. On the other hand, making repeated mistakes that err on the side of recklessness is not the ideal scenario. Instead, keeping it real means evaluating the bigger picture, making informed decisions, and weighing all of the options before taking action.


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