7 Reasons To Add A Custom Domain To Your Employee Training LMS

Custom Domain In Employee Training LMS
Summary: Do employees know where to find support resources on the spot? Adding a domain to your online training system offers plenty of perks. From better accessibility to a spike in employee satisfaction. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of linking custom URLs to your platform.

7 Advantages Of A Custom Domain

Many employee training LMS vendors give you the option to add a custom domain to your platform. Sign up for a URL that’s reserved for employee development, then connect it to your learning management system portal. Different vendors have different ways to link the two, but the benefits are the same. Remote staffers can quickly locate L&D resources, and everything falls in line with your brand image. Is it really worth the expense, or should you stick with the subdomain that’s already part of the package? Here are just a few notable advantages of adding a custom domain to your employee training LMS.

1. Ease Of Accessibility

A custom LMS domain makes it stress-free for employees to find relevant resources. They don’t have to memorize a lengthy URL or even add it to their bookmarks since the name is easy to remember when they’re ready to train. For this reason, it’s crucial to check for domain name availability and select a domain that’s simple and straightforward so staffers can log on whenever they like. You should also avoid URLs that closely resemble others to avoid confusion. Lastly, make sure it aligns with your image and the subject matter. As an example, you can direct employees to “(your company’s name)compliance.com” to reduce risks and bring them up to speed.

2. Brand Cohesion

Everything should be on point with your brand. This rule also applies to your online training materials. Adding a domain to your employee training LMS gives staffers a seamless experience. The URL reflects your identity and falls in line with the rest of your business operations. All your marketing and customer correspondence incorporates your branding. Shouldn’t your online training portal follow suit? Another perk is giving your employee training LMS a personal touch; it’s not just a generic domain that’s attached to the vendor. However, changing your LMS domain name doesn't have to hurt your SEO efforts. By carefully changing domain name, you can maintain your site's search ranking and continue drawing in trainees.

3. Boost Course Sales

If you do plan on selling your online training courses to generate more revenue, a custom domain is essential. Of course, you probably won’t make compliance or other sensitive L&D resources available to the public, but skill-building courses can improve the health of your bottom line. For eCommerce purposes, an employee training domain gives content a sense of exclusivity. Only those who purchased the course can access the portal, thanks to password protection and a link to the VIP URL. It’s also much easier to market your courses via social media with a custom domain link.

4. Increase Employee Satisfaction

Trainees can access the platform quickly without having to ask their managers/peers to send them the complicated subdomain. They also know that training is no longer confined to the work PCs. The URL is accessible via any device, anywhere in the world. Thus, they’re more satisfied and you retain your top talent. They appreciate that you’ve gone the extra mile to set up a custom domain to help them build skills and bridge gaps instead of settling for the standard URL assigned by the vendor.

5. Improve Online Security

You have the autonomy to enact your own security measures with your custom LMS domain. As a result, your data is safe from prying eyes and only those who’ve been granted access can enter the portal, such as team leaders who fall into a certain paygrade and need sensitive compliance reports for their department. Most vendors require you to set up a Security Sockets Layer (SSL) connection, which helps to safeguard your data and establish a connection between your URL server and the browser. You can either obtain a certificate through a CA site or the LMS vendor may be able to provide one for you. So, it’s important to clarify how the LMS company handles online security before you purchase a custom domain.

6. Enhanced Company Credibility

Whether you’re selling content or simply delivering in-house training to your team, a custom LMS domain enhances credibility. You’ve given the content your stamp or approval because it’s featured on your own URL. It also looks more professional than a subdomain. For example, you probably wouldn’t host an online store or landing page on a piggyback site. It may be designed/hosted on a blogging site to simplify the development process. However, people would think twice about making a purchase if it’s not an independent URL that’s reflective of your brand. The same holds true for your employee training domain.

7. Different Domains For Different Departments

You may want to invest in a different employee training domain for every department or region to keep things organized. For example, the sales department has its own URL where it can access product knowledge training and skill-building resources. On the other hand, the managers visit their custom domain to keep up with company policy and learn how to support their team more effectively. Plus, it gives trainees a sense of ownership, knowing the website portal is just for them (and their coworkers). Another benefit is avoiding overlap. You don’t have to worry about employees accidentally stumbling across training resources intended for upper management.


A custom LMS domain is an added expense, and not just monetarily. You must take the time to devise the ideal URL for every portal and then link it to your existing platform. However, the rewards are worth the investment. It ensures continuity and cohesion with your brand and gives employees a central location to access pertinent resources. If you plan to sell your course, a custom domain may even broaden your profit margin and expand your market reach.

Which employee training LMS is right for your organization? Find a learning management system that supports custom domains using our online directory. You can narrow results by features, industry, and pricing model to do your homework without the headache.