8 Secrets To Spark Excitement In Compliance Online Training

8 Secrets To Spark Excitement In Compliance Online Training
Summary: Does compliance online training elicit yawns and eye rolls? Would your employees rather work weekends than sit through another compliance manual read-through? In this article, I'll share 8 secrets to spark excitement in compliance online training.

How To Spark Excitement In Compliance Online Training

Let's be honest, compliance online training isn't a fan favorite among your distributed workforce. In fact, employees probably dread the thought of reviewing organizational guidelines and protocols. It is essential for the success of your business, though, as it ensures that everyone is held to the same standard. Here are 8 top tips to get your employees enthusiastic about your next mandatory compliance online training course.

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1. Offer Gamification Rewards

Gamification elements offer your employees an added incentive. They can earn points, badges, and credits, if they master the policies and protocols. This increases their motivation and engagement, thereby enhancing the benefits of your compliance online training. Survey your employees to find the right reward for the task. Some may prefer more competitive game mechanics, such as leaderboards, while others favor the idea of collecting badges that display their accomplishments. Try to avoid tangible rewards, like gift cards or monetary incentives, as these center on extrinsic motivators.

2. Integrate Social Media Tools

Employees usually seize the opportunity to interact with their peers and exchange ideas. This is why social media tools are a great addition to your compliance online training. Set up social media groups, corporate eLearning blogs, and online discussions where employees can share their thoughts and online training experiences. These platforms also give them access to tips and advice that improve comprehension.

3. Include Real-World Online Training Activities

Employees get excited about online training that offers real-world value. They know that they can use the information to benefit their everyday lives. Incorporate online training simulations and scenarios that allow employees to see the subject matter in action. For example, handling a customer complaint according to your policies. You can also use real-world examples to highlight the practical benefits and uses. Real-world online training activities should be as realistic as possible in order to form that all-important connection. For instance, incorporate challenges or situations that employees encounter on a day-to-day basis.

4. Provide Microlearning Online Training Resources

Employees may be aware that compliance online training is crucial. However, they simply don't have the time to complete the necessary coursework, which diminishes their excitement. Microlearning online training resources give them the ability to focus on specific policy issues or topics whenever their schedule allows. This may include brief online training tutorials, simulations, podcasts, or demo videos that focus on specific learning objectives. Break your repository into categories so that employees can quickly find the online training content. In addition, follow up online training activities and assessments with microlearning recommendations. For example, infographics that feature compliance trends or stats.

5. Host Live Events

Excitement is contagious. Webinars help to spread the enthusiasm and get employees actively involved. Schedule the event well in advance and provide employees with a list of discussion points. Invite them to brainstorm questions or ideas they'd like to share. Then record the session for those who are unable to attend. You can even invite guest hosts from within your organization. For instance, department heads who are very knowledgeable about HR policies. Real-time Q&A forums are also a great way to boost interactivity and build the excitement.

6. Encourage Manager Involvement

Managers and other organizational leaders set the tone for your compliance online training program. If they're genuinely excited about the online training course, employees are sure to follow. Encourage supervisors, managers, and department heads to set up social media groups where they can post tips and updates, or corporate eLearning blogs that give employees food for thought. For example, questions or ideas that emphasize the importance of compliance online training. All of these online training resources add a human element to your online training course, which builds employee excitement and participation.

7. Cultivate A Supportive Corporate eLearning Culture

Your employees need ongoing support to address important issues and broaden their understanding. For example, they are still unsure about your dress code or attendance policies. But how can they remedy the issue if managers or supervisors are unwilling or unable to assist them? An open and communicative corporate eLearning culture gives employees the power to continually improve. They can reach out to the online instructors, peers, or team leaders whenever an issue arises, then work together to solve the problem before it escalates. A supportive corporate eLearning culture also emphasizes the importance of adhering to company policies. For example, explaining the reasons behind each policy and how it benefits the organization as a whole.

8. Welcome Employee Feedback

Employee feedback helps you achieve online training success. It allows you to identify areas of improvement and determine the effectiveness of your compliance online training. However, it also boosts employee excitement by giving them a voice. They are empowered to express their concerns or opinions, which imparts a sense of ownership. Conduct surveys and questionnaires to get their input. Invite them to test out the online training course before launch, and then schedule focus group discussions to collect eLearning feedback. Ideally, employees should feel comfortable sharing their honest insights without fear of being judged. As such, you may wish to set up individual eLearning feedback interviews for more serious issues. For example, an employee has a complaint regarding the online instructor's approach or they disagree with a particular company policy.

Compliance online training may have a bad reputation, but you can use these 8 tips and tricks to excite and engage your employees. They also apply to other dry or dull online training topics, such as health and safety or COI compliance. The secret is to involve your employees in every step of the process and identify their needs early on.

Badges, points, and levels may be the ideal addition to your company policy course. Not only do they fuel motivation, but provide valuable indirect feedback. Read the article 6 Tips To Gamify Compliance Online Training Courses to discover how to transform your compliance online training course into an amazing gamification experience.