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September 26, 2016

5 Barriers To eLearning Adoption

Despite its many benefits, eLearning is not always received as expected by organizations. It is viewed as enforced and received with much reluctance and skepticism. What are the barriers to eLearning adoption and how can you change this perception?
by Asma Zaineb
September 22, 2016

Surprise! Your Workers Want To Learn

No eLearning program is immune to the grumbling that occurs when employees are pulled away from work. But surprise! Recent stats show workers want to learn and in fact are learning all the time – they’re just not doing it on company time. Here’s how to bring outside learning into the corporate fold.
by Glen Vondrick
September 21, 2016

Why Business Application Training Is Important

Across the globe, companies spend $130 billion on corporate training, reports The Corporate Learning Factbook, despite incredibly low retention rates. In fact, only around one-quarter of training programs lead to any noticeable impact in employee performance, says McKinsey. Which raises the question: If companies waste billions of dollars on inefficient business application training, then why does application training so frequently fail?
by Julia Bespala
September 21, 2016

Corporate Training For Millennials: How To Create Bite-Sized Learning

As the methods of corporate training continues to evolve, how do you tailor content to match your employees’ on-the-go lifestyles, while still providing quality content? In this article I explain what microlearning is, who it benefits and what to include in bite-sized lessons when creating corporate training for Millennials, the new generation of employees.
by Ridvan Aliu
September 20, 2016

eBook Release – Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results By Empowering Learners

Although the concept of breaking up training into smaller pieces has been around for some time, microlearning has become increasingly relevant as technology changes the way we learn and work. The eBook Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results By Empowering Learners will help you understand how modern microlearning works, whether it’s right for you, ways it can be incorporated throughout the learning lifecycle, and examples of how other companies have used microlearning.
by Christopher Pappas
September 19, 2016

What's The Potential Of eLearning For Your Organization?

Our eBook shows how the culture of your organization, the quality of your content, and the potential of your Learning Management System are factors that have a crucial impact on the success of your eLearning programs. From the eBook's intro, we look at the potential of eLearning and how it is changing the professional landscape.
by Paula McEnteggart