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December 24, 2016

5 Steps To A Successful Corporate Learning Program

When you navigate development for your corporate learning program, are you asking the right questions, looking in the right places, and engaging the right people? This insightful, step-by-step guide to successful corporate learning program creation starts with strategic insight.
by Micah J. Griffo
December 16, 2016

4 Steps To Effective eLearning

When developing an eLearning course, the most beneficial thing to do is focus on your specific business results first. By being mindful of the results you desire, you can make effective use of your time when planning how to attain your end goals, and thus create effective eLearning courses for your employees.
by Jayme Jenkins
December 16, 2016

3 Essential Ways Corporate Training Can Benefit Higher Education

Corporate-academia merger or tie-ups can be a mutualistic association. Corporate training can benefit higher education by increasing revenue, providing support for other institutional activities, and ensuring 100 % placements. Organizations, in turn, can reap the benefits in terms of smooth onboarding, less expenditure, and job-ready employees.
by Vivek Bhide
December 15, 2016

4 Effective Strategies To Engage eLearners

In order to be competitive, training strategies and environments can’t be merely functional, they have to be engaging. What are the training strategies that will make that personal connection and effectively focus and engage eLearners? Here are 4 learning strategies to consider.
by Keith Gibson