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Artificial Intelligence In Sparky Prose

Artificial Intelligence In Sparky Prose

This impassioned fourth geek article, which is actually rather nerdy, meanders (a)musingly around a (human) writer’s actual paragraph attempts at writing something sagacious on artificial Intelligence (AI), and an alien (non-human-created) AI, who is drawn in by the writer’s maelstrom of contradictory thoughts. The alien AI finds the human writer entertaining and even murmurs something to itself as it flits away.

Discussing The Future Of Learning: Focus On 3 Key Corporate Training Requirements

Stop With “The Future Of Learning” Already

I see articles every week that have “the future of learning” in them. It may be gamification, micro-learning, social learning, device agnostic content, learning paths, etc. I believe that none of these are the future of learning, because within an organizational context, there are really three different goals we are trying to achieve - often simultaneously.

Video-Based Learning: The New Pitch And Resolution Of Learning

Video-Based Learning – The New Pitch and Resolution of Learning

The demand for video-based learning has surreptitiously witnessed an upward spiral in the recent times. Short, crisp, engaging, and elucidating video nuggets on various subjects are scaling across YouTube and other video social blogging and learning platforms. While it may sound more like a means of informal learning, video-based learning may soon become the most sought after phenomenon across the corporate and academic learning ambiance, specifically after the advent and rise in the use of smartphones in the education domain. This article explores the phenomena of video-based learning from the instructional design perspective and elucidates our nascent experience with this novel phenomenon in the academic domain.

Rise Of Personalized Learning

The Rise Of Personalized Learning

In the last couple of years a new trend named "Big Data" has become very popular. A large number of start-ups specialize in collection and analysis of huge amounts of data. Large corporations are also not far behind, currently working to establish new departments and teams in order to develop products of this kind. It’s important to understand that the intention is not just to collect large amounts of data, but also to handle it effectively.

The Future Of Google Glass In eLearning

The Future Of Google Glass In eLearning

As eLearning professionals, it's essential to keep up-to-date with the latest tools and wearable technologies, even if those may not be specifically intended for the world of eLearning. In this article, I'll delve into the many uses of Google Glass in eLearning.

The Rise of Competency-Based Education

The Rise of Competency-Based Education

Higher education is currently experiencing what is arguably the most extreme period of change of its entire history. Although over the past centuries, higher education has progressively become available to larger numbers of people, what goes on in the classroom has largely remained the same. Professors stand in front of classrooms and give lectures, sometimes to hundreds or even thousands of students, who are expected to absorb it all and then apply their knowledge to writing papers and taking tests.