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March 30, 2016

Using Virtual Reality In Education

The beginning of the Sixties, besides the Cuban Crisis and the rise of the hippie movement, is notable for giving birth to Sensorama, one of the earliest prototypes of the modern virtual reality equipment. It allowed for viewing stereoscopic 3D images accompanied by stereo sound, smells, as well as wind effect. The device was revolutionary for its time, and it spearheaded the development of what Jaron Zepel Lanier dubbed in 1989 as “Virtual Reality” (VR). Having obtained a catchy name, the new technology has been gathering new adherents ever since.
by Michael Treser
March 2, 2016

Personalized eLearning: The Personalization Wave In Online Learning

Today, each one of us lives in a highly personalized world of our own. Marketing 2.0 makes complete use of our digital footprint and it is no surprise that what you, and only you, want is what you get in the digital space today. It is “personalization” that is filtering out the noise and homing in on your personal signal. Force feeding information is a thing of the past. No surprise, then, that eLearning has also succumbed to this trend of personalization. So, what one should look for in a personalized eLearning plan?
by Anand Timothy
January 26, 2016

Top 6 eLearning Trends For 2016

Want to know what lies ahead for the world of eLearning in 2016? In this article, I'll forecast the 6 top trends for the coming year, so that you can keep up to date with the latest and greatest in eLearning. So, get ready to welcome the New Year by integrating some of these modern tools, technologies, and ideologies into your eLearning strategy.
by Christopher Pappas
January 20, 2016

What Is The Role Of Big Data In eLearning?

I’m not sure everyone will agree with me, but I have this theory about our eLearning industry. My, entirely personal, view based on the completely unscientific sample of what I have seen and heard over the years is that we take to new technology just that shade suspiciously. Once the initial acceptance is in place, though we go about adopting it quite enthusiastically. A glance at the adoption curve of mLearning will probably substantiate what I mean. There is another technology trend that has been sweeping the world for a few years now but has only just started appearing more commonly in eLearning – Big Data.
by Anand Timothy
January 12, 2016

The 4 Hottest eLearning Trends For 2016

With 2016 upon us, we now have a firm footing into the 21st century. Although we’re not quite at the Johnny Five stage yet (the robot demonstrated the ability to scan and instantly assimilate information in the 1986 movie, Short Circuit), technology is starting to revolutionize the learning landscape. In this article I will share the 4 hottest eLearning trends for 2016.
by Ruby Spencer, CTDP
January 9, 2016

A Sneak Peek Inside The 2016 Learning And Development Community

It’s that time of year again! Learning and Development leaders are reflecting on what went well and what didn’t go so well to create a more effective plan for the coming year. With L&D adapting to continuous technology advances, leaders in the space need to have a good understanding of where the industry is going.
by Andrew Fayad
December 27, 2015

Artificial Intelligence In Sparky Prose

This impassioned fourth geek article, which is actually rather nerdy, meanders (a)musingly around a (human) writer’s actual paragraph attempts at writing something sagacious on artificial Intelligence (AI), and an alien (non-human-created) AI, who is drawn in by the writer’s maelstrom of contradictory thoughts. The alien AI finds the human writer entertaining and even murmurs something to itself as it flits away.
by Chris Alexander
December 21, 2015

Stop With “The Future Of Learning” Already

I see articles every week that have “the future of learning” in them. It may be gamification, micro-learning, social learning, device agnostic content, learning paths, etc. I believe that none of these are the future of learning, because within an organizational context, there are really three different goals we are trying to achieve - often simultaneously.
by Bill Bruck, Ph.D.
December 3, 2015

Video-Based Learning – The New Pitch and Resolution of Learning

The demand for video-based learning has surreptitiously witnessed an upward spiral in the recent times. Short, crisp, engaging, and elucidating video nuggets on various subjects are scaling across YouTube and other video social blogging and learning platforms. While it may sound more like a means of informal learning, video-based learning may soon become the most sought after phenomenon across the corporate and academic learning ambiance, specifically after the advent and rise in the use of smartphones in the education domain. This article explores the phenomena of video-based learning from the instructional design perspective and elucidates our nascent experience with this novel phenomenon in the academic domain.
by Sharjeel Ahmad