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January 12, 2014

Top 9 eLearning Predictions For 2014

2013 was an exciting year for eLearning professionals with many discussions around learning paradigms and technologies. The year saw many interesting developments in areas such as Learning Standards/Specifications (xAPI), Programming Languages (HTML 5), Gamification, Game-based Learning, etc. We believe that 2014 will see more powerful changes, owing to the maturing and convergence of some of these technologies. If 2013 was a year of ‘contemplations’, 2014 will be a year of ‘decisions’! Read on…
by Ravi Pratap Singh
January 8, 2014

eLearning Business Trends in 2014

Predictions on how e-learning business might trend in 2014 based on key business drivers across geographies, L&D challenges and e-learning buzz words like Social, MOOC, gamification, games, byte-sized learning, performance management, mobile content, HTML5, Tin Can API.

by Manish Gupta
December 22, 2013

Top Instructional Design Trends and Outlook for 2014

As an e-learning, m-learning, and ILT vendor-partner working directly with clients and as manager of a team of instructional designers, Catherine Davis actively works on innovative instructional design projects every day. Preparing for the new year ahead, Catherine recaps the instructional design trends and opportunities in 2013 that we’ll continue to see in 2014. While instructional technology, including m-learning and gamification, made headlines, storytelling chops and effective communication skills were just as important.

by Catherine Davis
November 7, 2013

Big Data and How It’s Changing e-Learning

You’ve probably heard the term Big Data, and maybe you’ve wondered exactly what it is and how these digital breadcrumbs relate to the e-Learning world. Find out the answers to all your questions, including what the benefits are and how Big Data is changing the way we approach e-Learning design.

by Christie Wroten
September 19, 2013

5 Key Trends in Mobile Learning

Learners today depend on the latest technology—like smartphones and tablets—to help them fit online training into their busy lives. Statistics show that we check our smartphones an average of 150 times per day; it makes sense that we would want to have access to e-Learning content on our phones

by Christie Wroten
January 24, 2013

A View Into The Future Of eLearning

As more organizations are discovering the advantages of eLearning, there is a greater push to take instructor-led courses online. The challenge of course, is how to do this effectively. Fortunately, we have arrived at a point in time where technology now supports the promise of the virtual classroom. From the time personal computers entered the workplace, this has been a goal of training developers. The future is now here.

by Jeffrey Roth
January 4, 2013

New Learning Opportunities Create Self-Directed Learners

What if learning took care of itself in your organization? What if your staff knew what they needed to know, or learn, to do their job successfully? Would you say, great! Go for it. Or would you say, wait a minute not so fast. And then start thinking to yourself; I am (fill in the blank) director of training, or HR, or sales director, and I need to provide you with what I think you need.

by Ruth Kustoff