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July 10, 2017

LMS Success Kit: Become An LMS Superhero

Distilling our 13+ years of industry experience and LMS know-how, we bring to you a culled and curated collection of our finest LMS resources packed with practical and easy-to-implement tips, best practices, and guidelines to help you make your LMS initiative a success.
by Amit Gautam
July 7, 2017

How Siemens Used The ExpertusONE LMS To Achieve Standardized Training Excellence

Siemens is one of the world’s best when it comes to corporate training. Siemens won a prestigious Brandon Hall Excellence Award, and dramatically improved employee performance across 80 offices, with a strategic skills training program and their new cloud LMS. In this article, I’ll present how Siemens used one of the most functional Learning Management Systems to build an effective Standardized Training Program.
by Gordon Johnson
July 6, 2017

4 Deadly LMS Selection Traps You Must Be Aware Of

Are you thinking of replacing your old Learning Management System? Perhaps you’re already in the process of investigating solutions? Choosing the right Learning Management System can be quite a demanding and complicated endeavor. As such, there are certain LMS selection traps you should be aware of beforehand to make an informed decision. In this article, I’ll share four LMS selection traps you should pay particular attention to.
by Gordon Johnson
July 5, 2017

4 Convincing Arguments To Achieve LMS Implementation Funding

You know that an LMS upgrade or replacement is the right decision, but your executives don’t see the value of it. Sometimes, it takes more than a mere suggestion to make leadership see the true potential of a new LMS. Presenting a solid business case can do wonders in achieving the LMS implementation funding you have been striving for. In this article, I’ll share four surefire arguments that are bound to convince your executives to invest in a new LMS.
by Gordon Johnson
July 4, 2017

4 Things To Consider About Your LMS Tools Customization

Employees want to feel at home when using their LMS. Nothing makes an LMS feel more comfortable to learners than features and tools that are unique to the company and represent the organization’s values and corporate profile. In this article, I’ll highlight 4 things you need to pay attention to regarding your LMS tools customization.
by Gordon Johnson