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January 4, 2017

Top 7 LMS Implementation Pitfalls To Avoid

Are you in the market for a new LMS? Have you already found the perfect LMS platform, but need some help with executing your strategy? In this article, I'll highlight 7 top LMS implementation pitfalls you should avoid, and I'll share some tips to overcome these common obstacles.
by Christopher Pappas
December 27, 2016

5 Types Of Big Data To Extract From Your LMS And How To Use It

Most LMS platforms are now packed with powerful reporting features. However, you need to know which data is worth a closer look to get the most from your eLearning course. In this article, I'll highlight the 5 types of Big Data to extract from your Learning Management System. Then I'll share 5 tips on how to use it to improve your eLearning course.
by Christopher Pappas