Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

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June 28, 2016

It Just Works, Part 1: Native Integrations With TalentLMS

TalentLMS is pretty awesome, but we need to admit this: It's not the only tool you need. Thankfully, the code genies at HQ have worked on integrations with many awesome complimentary tools. In this article, we'll examine native integrations with TalentLMS and specifically commerce and content management tools.
by Nikos Andriotis
May 6, 2016

4 Benefits Of Using A Cloud-Based Learning Management System For Corporate Training

The continued education of employees is critical to establishing a competitive advantage and long-term success in business. Positions and industries are changing faster than ever, primarily due to technology. And now, technology will help your business develop a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that will create more effective learning environments for less money whilst creating happier and better educated employees that will catapult your company ahead of the competition.
by James Jones
May 3, 2016

Docebo Review: A Modular Learning Management System With A Unique Design

Docebo is an online learning platform for partner, customer and employee training. It boasts a built-in HR interface and video conferencing, which makes this cloud-based Learning Management System a popular choice for organizations who are looking for an all-in-one solution for their extended enterprise needs. In this article, I’ll explore the ins and outs of Docebo, including the standout features and usability, so that you can determine if it’s truly the best option for your Learning and Development needs.
by Christopher Pappas
April 2, 2016

A New Wave Of Learning Management Systems

In the past, almost every eLearning project had to start with the selection, implementation, and customization of Learning Management Systems (LMSs). This made eLearning unattainable for small businesses and, especially, individuals. With a new breed of course publishing platforms, this is about to change.
by Gerfried Reis
April 1, 2016

10 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems For Small Business Training

In the past, employee training necessitated the hiring of training experts to deliver face-to-face seminars, which proved to be costly, especially for small businesses. Furthermore, employees involved in training must be taken away from their assigned jobs, which can lead to disruptions in the services your company provides, which only serves to add to the cost of the training. Here are 10 cloud-based Learning Management Systems that will significantly reduce your small business training’s cost.
by Kate Morrison
March 22, 2016

Sign O' The Times: TalentLMS Single Sign-On

Signing in is the first thing your users will have to do, and it's the first thing you need to think about regarding security. And, as you could probably guess, TalentLMS has you covered, any way you want to greet your users. Here is everything you need to know about the TalentLMS single sign-on feature.
by John Laskaris
March 16, 2016

How To Use A Demo To Evaluate Online Training Software

Ever wondered about that big "Request a Demo" button you see on Learning Management System vendors' websites? A demo can actually help you to take weeks off the selection process for online training software. Here's how you can use the demo to speed up your organization's decision-making process.
by Brendan Noud