Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

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June 20, 2017

Top 5 Differences Between A Cloud-Based LMS And An On-Premise LMS

There are pros and cons for every LMS solution. While one may be ideal for larger organizations with plans of expansion, others are a perfect fit for start-ups who want complete creative control. The trick is staying well-informed so that you find the right software for your company's needs. In this article, I'll explore the 5 most notable distinctions between cloud-based Learning Management Systems and on-premise Learning Management Systems.
by Nipun Sharma
April 18, 2017

From Zero To Hero: Learning The TalentLMS REST API

Having isolated software that can’t talk to other systems is like the first telephone device: Cool, but useless. See, information needs to be able to move between the various tools that make your organization run smoothly, and that’s exactly the reason TalentLMS has embraced REST API. Learn more:
by Nikos Andriotis
February 13, 2017

The Hidden And Not-So-Hidden Automation In TalentLMS

Don’t do today, or ever, what can be automated. This could be the motto of the era, and a facet of modern work life that has brought efficiency way up. TalentLMS isn’t the kind of platform to ignore the evolution of work, so it’s plenty automatic. How, you ask? Well, let’s find out!
by Nikos Andriotis
November 25, 2016

The Path To A Secure LMS: 5 TalentLMS Features And Tips

We add tons of features, we create mobile apps. We do our best to make TalentLMS the best eLearning experience you've ever had. This extends to an aspect we rarely discuss, even though it's super important: Security. Find out what safeguards TalentLMS offers and how you can protect your portal.
by Nikos Andriotis
July 11, 2016

It Just Works, Part 3: Zapier Integration In TalentLMS

This series is getting better with each episode, isn't it? In this installment of "Game Of Integrations" we side with the mighty Zapier, a powerful integration meta-service that grants access to thousands of other services and the corresponding integrations. Here is an exploration of the countless options of TalentLMS' Zapier Integration.
by Nikos Andriotis