Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

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February 16, 2016

Ease Of Use And The LMS: The Case Of TalentLMS

One of the most important aspects of a piece of software, especially when it's to be adopted by an organization, is ease of use and how intuitively all stakeholders, students, instructors, admins, managers, will take advantage of it. And the talent in "TalentLMS" is all about ease.
by John Laskaris
February 13, 2016

Investing In A Cloud Based LMS: 10 Signs To Consider

Tired of spending your resources on an LMS that is difficult to install, even more challenging to maintain, and offers a wide range of features you don’t even need, but you are still paying for? In this article, I’ll list the top 10 signs that it may be time to switch to a cloud based learning management system.
by Christopher Pappas
February 2, 2016

Support And The LMS: The Case Of TalentLMS

There are many things that can make a piece of software stand out, and some of these aren’t measurable or easy to prove. But they truly do make a world of difference and are the reason that users stay with a product for years. Support is one of these features, or more accurately, a guiding philosophy.
by John Laskaris
December 30, 2015

Why Users Love Advanced LMS Reporting In CourseMill LMS

Common complaints about Learning Management Systems (LMSs) include a lack of report templates or customizable reporting capabilities, the absence of a mobile app, and poor security. And of course, there’s also the general difficulty of learning to use a new Learning Management System; nearly every day a new one pops up in the market, and still no one ever seems to like their chosen system. Should you just give up on your dreams of advanced LMS reporting, mLearning, or successful training management? Certainly not!
by Stephanie Ivec
December 28, 2015

Web-Based Learning Vs Native Mobile Learning: The Case Of eFrontPro

Crocs, fanny packs, Blackberrys. What are all these? The previously “hottest” things around that today only serve a select few. Is this the case with mobile apps vs web apps in regards to eLearning? Let’s have a look at why web-based learning is built to last and how a leading Learning Management System, eFrontPro, handles mobile learning.
by John Laskaris