Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

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April 7, 2014

8 Top Benefits of Using a Cloud Based LMS

As eLearning becomes more popular in the employee-training sphere, the benefits of cloud-based Learning Management Systems become prevalent factors for the organizations that want to offer cost-effective and flexible training methods. Jump in for more on the cloud-based LMS benefits.
by Dimitris Kaplanis
January 20, 2014

Cloud-Based LMS: Is Your Data Safe In The Cloud?

Cloud-based Learning Management Systems are quickly growing in popularity. We trust our most sensitive information to our Learning Management System, including our courseware and learner information. But how safe is that data in the cloud? How much do you know about the security of your cloud-based LMS provider?
by Ryan Moore
October 28, 2013

The 5 Ws In The E-Learning Adoption For Enterprises

Success of Large organizations depends on their ability to keep information flowing across their departments so that it can reach the appropriate people at the right time. People have the ability to learn at every moment. The firm’s ability to assess, improve, motivate, and maintain their employee’s knowledge, actively affects the ability of the organization to succeed.
by Jacopo Mauri
October 8, 2013

Universities And Businesses: An Important Synergy

What will our world be like in ten years? Our research aims at defining an active pedagogy, and bringing together active learning environments. We aim to remap the ‘pedagogical’, and recognize that technologies such as cognitive technologies, or 'psycho-technology', mean to broaden horizons and break existing topographies.
by Valentina Piccioli
May 16, 2013

Docebo Unveils The DConf 2013

Docebo unveils the DConf 2013, an International event on Cloud Business Apps & Services and E-Learning. June 27th / 28th 2013 at Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, Italy. Powered by Docebo. Organized by Grafo Ventures. Partnered by GetApp. Endorsed by eLearning Industry.
by Jacopo Mauri
April 23, 2013

E-Learning And Videoconferencing Together For A Green, Integrated And Efficient Online Training

E-Learning is a strategic asset for those companies who are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver professional and certified trainings. However, in order to take the most out of an Online Training project, the Videoconferencing System availability is a must, as it allows to improve even further the training outcomes and the overall end user experience.
by Jacopo Mauri