Corporate Learning Management Systems

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September 27, 2015

LMS Security: The Case Of TalentLMS

In a connected world, security has come to the forefront of spec lists and concerns for individuals and businesses alike, when they purchase software. LMS security wise, TalentLMS natively and truly covers you. Find out how.
by John Laskaris
September 11, 2015

Rise Of Remote Working And How A Startup Used A Learning Management System To Train The Employees

Amid different practices followed by companies to ensure a healthy work culture, work from home is one that’s gaining fast attention. Embedding trust and flexibility in the process, organizations have started to include remote working in their work cycle. But what about other areas of working such as training the employees? How can a Learning Management System (LMS) help in the learning and developing the skills of the scattered segment of remote workers? This article focuses on how a startup relied over a Learning Management System to meet the training and knowledge transfer requirements.
by Srilakshmi Janardanan
September 9, 2015

Customization Options For TalentLMS

There is no better way to strengthen your brand than offering a fully branded experience to your people, customers and employees alike. TalentLMS has strong customization in mind from the get-go, from simple options to change a logo to full-fledged CSS and JavaScript implementations. Have a look at what this awesome canvas has to offer.
by John Laskaris
July 2, 2015

eLearning 101: Getting Started With Online Training

When I first started working at Trivantis, I had the hardest time explaining to my friends and family exactly what an “eLearning authoring tool” was. Most of the time I settled on “You know when you have to sit at a computer and take a course that tells you not to sexually harass your coworkers? That’s eLearning.” Everybody gets that, and everyone laughs. I’m so funny, right? (No.) But there’s so much more to eLearning, or online training, or virtual learning, or mLearning, as people are starting to call it these days.
by Stephanie Ivec
June 10, 2015

5 Benefits Of Integrating Knowledge Management Systems Into Corporate eLearning Platforms

Most companies, having realized the importance of standardized procedures with respect to training and information exchange among employees both vertically and horizontally, have invested thousands of dollars on various types of eSolutions, such as corporate web sites, learning management systems, and knowledge management systems. However, many HR departments still find themselves in position of spending both work-hours and effort striving not only to evaluate, classify and prioritize documents before deciding what to communicate to whom and how, but also to handle issues such as files updates, access rights, duplicates in distinct locations, etc. In this article, I’ll give you 5 top benefits of integrating your knowledge management system into your corporate eLearning platform for optimizing professional development within your organization.
by Marisa Keramida (M.Ed.)
June 4, 2015

Why Α Learning Management System Is Useful

A Learning Management System is a web-based application that allows educational institutions and companies to provide the target beneficiaries with informational content and educational resources. It is an effective and responsive way for industry experts and teachers to create, deliver, and manage their content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners. 
by Hemina Shah