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July 22, 2013

How Tin Can is Making Tools Better, Together

The Tin Can API is having a massive impact on tools across the eLearning Industry. This is partially because previous standards created barriers, which have lead to stagnation. In the coming years we’re going to see exciting changes in the market, here’s why.

by Megan Bowe
June 19, 2013

Discover Simple Communication with Tin Can API

Remember the tin can telephone from your childhood? Two cans and a string were a simple but exciting way to communicate with your friends—the Tin Can API is meant to be the same way. It’s two-way conversation that allows e-Learning systems to speak to each other, while tracking and recording learning experiences.

by Christie Wroten
October 27, 2012

List of Authoring Tools: Part 1

At the List of Authoring Tools: Part 1 I will present you a list of 50 Authoring Tools for eLearning, instructional design, learning and training professionals. At The Ultimate List of Authoring Tools we will cover 200+ of Authoring Tools. So stay tuned!

by Christopher Pappas