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November 29, 2017 | Sponsored

3 Big Advantages Of Offline Learning With xAPI Analytics

Email replaced fax machines, smartphones replaced cellphones, while digital media is ushering in an era where DVDs and CDs will soon be obsolete. Those in charge of training and development have seen a tidal wave of creative disruption as the extensive use of mobile devices and remote workers have made the practice of eLearning ubiquitous.
by Mike Alcock
October 9, 2017

The Hidden Costs Behind eLearning

eLearning development is an investment whose goal is to achieve the best possible return, with careful planning that limits direct and indirect eLearning costs, while still creating effective online learning. Discover the hidden costs of eLearning development before they find you!
by Nikos Andriotis
October 3, 2017

5 Common eLearning Pitfalls To Avoid

Having learned how to tailor our approaches in order to respond to different audiences, and to overcome any potential obstacles, we are ready to share with you suggestions on common eLearning obstacles, and how to overcome them.
by Lubos Janoska