eBook Release Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning

The Most Important Weapon In Your Arsenal

One of the many reasons it is so vital to use state-of-the-art live virtual learning in your L&D programs is simply because it is extremely effective in the current global situation. It is a practice that combines the best aspects of Instructor-Led Training and online learning, and this method has proven to be very efficient in the midst of a global pandemic.

eBook Release: Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning
eBook Release
Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning
Discover all the insider tips and master the best live virtual training practices.

But even when all this is over, virtual learning will still be the way to go. It has significant advantages over many of its more traditional counterparts, and it has proven to be a very cost-efficient and time-efficient method that can deliver amazing results. This eBook will help you better understand how and why you should start practicing virtual learning and, if you are already doing so, it will offer some great advice about how you can optimize your process.

About The eBook Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning

The eBook consists of 4 chapters. Each of these chapters analyzes a different aspect of virtual learning and its applications. The tone is clear and professional, and Josh Bersin makes an excellent job of presenting and analyzing all of their ideas, as the combination of his innovative perspective with his immense expertise is a guaranteed recipe for success.

Learning In 2020 And Beyond

The eBook begins by explaining the unprecedented growth in the eLearning market over the past decades, the rise in interest in online training, and the importance of Instructor-Led Training. I was really impressed by Josh's take, and I especially agree with his point that, although there is an abundance of tools that allow teams to communicate and collaborate remotely, a training session has very different standards than an online meeting, for example, and it requires specific software in order to be successful.

Principles Of Effective Online Learning

The following chapter discusses a very fundamental element of every successful training program: the principles of effective online learning. The principles are necessary in order to create a state-of-the-art virtual learning program and will help you inspire and engage your learners and deliver the high-quality content they deserve. To increase effectiveness, live online training should include a common visual experience for all learners, short bursts of content with peer interaction, peer group breakouts, motion, and accessibility, all of which are covered thoroughly in the eBook. You will also find an excellent analysis of the best-of-breed principles for L&D teams.

How Learning Impacts The Business

An organization can be heavily impacted by the way its employees retain learning. This chapter emphasizes the importance of training and how employees who do not receive it in a proper way can be prone to potentially damaging mistakes, and it also describes the place of the employees within the learning ecosystem. That ecosystem also includes the L&D team, the customers, but also potential customers and even potential employees. The way these groups are shown to interact with each other is thorough and concise and can be a real eye-opener.

How Learning Measurement Can Support The Business

The final chapter of the eBook is about the importance of measuring learning. Things that can help with these measurements are attendance, interaction participation, results from tests or quizzes, surveys, correlation to HR and business metrics, and the use of continuous listening initiatives. Things you need to consider before you evaluate your program include knowing your priorities, looking for flexible solutions with interactive features, asking detailed questions about support and updates, considering how a solution handles security, privacy, and compliance, and asking for customer references from companies like yours.

In Conclusion

This great guide is going to help you every step of the way, from developing a state-of-the-art live virtual training program to analyzing it and evaluating it in the end. Download the eBook Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning and help your employees and your organization reach their full potential.

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