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November 24, 2013

The 8 Best Free Word Cloud Creation Tools For Teachers

Word clouds are fun ways to get students thinking creatively about any topic. The problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to find the one that best meets your needs. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the dirty work out of it and compiled the 8 best free word cloud creation educational tools for teachers. Utilize these free educational technology tools to get your students’ minds immersed in any new topic.
by Christopher Pappas
November 18, 2013

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Detection Tools For eLearning Professionals (2020 Update)

Are you trying to discover the most effective free plagiarism detection tools? Plagiarism is a highly intolerable act in the literary and digital community; a practice that all reputable individuals and companies are trying to avoid. In this article, I’ll present the top 10 free plagiarism detection tools that will help all eLearning professionals give credit where credit is due.
by Christopher Pappas
November 17, 2013

Over 1000 Free eLearning Resources

Yes it is true! At the following article you will find over 1000 free eLearning resources for both new eLearning professionals and the experienced ones! From 72 free elearning storyboard templates, and 51 free elearning ebooks to 259 free educational technology tools.

by Christopher Pappas
November 10, 2013

The 5 Best Free Flashcard Creation Tools for Teachers

Let’s face it: all students need to study. However, most students don’t want to study. So the question is: How do we encourage them to study? Better yet, how do we make studying enjoyable? The answer: employ these 5 Best Free Flashcard Creation Tools. They’ll make studying an active process and get your students engaged with the material they need to learn.

by Christopher Pappas
October 18, 2013

The 5 Best Free Collaboration Tools for Teachers

In an increasingly connected world, it’s imperative for individuals to be able to work together on projects. Collaboration is essential for you as an educator and for your students as they journey through the world of academia. Utilize these 5 Best Free Collaboration Tools for Teachers to collaborate effectively with colleagues or to encourage your students to come together and create something amazing. 

by Christopher Pappas
October 12, 2013

The 5 Best Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers

Organizing thoughts is a difficult task, for both teachers and students. Lack of a medium to organize all these thoughts can lead to stress, confusion, and lack of success in regards to yourself, or your students. Utilize these 6 Best Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers in order to be the best educator possible and ensure that your students are able to reach their full potential. *Update: we added one more!!!

by Christopher Pappas
August 21, 2013

The Pinterest Guide For Teachers

Long gone are the days of “chalk and talk” when teachers stood and lectured at the front of the classroom. Today, with the popularity of many social media sites such as Pinterest, teachers can provide perception rich learning and step outside the classroom’s four walls to give students a unique and interesting learning experience. In the top 10 of most popular social media sites, Pinterest is in itself a tool to teach as well as a tool to find teaching ideas, lesson plans, and just about anything on any topic you might have. It’s a bottomless toolbox to keep students active, excited, and engaged.
by Christopher Pappas
May 27, 2013

11 iGoogle Alternatives for Teachers

Many teachers use iGoogle as a personalized learning home page that was giving at-a-glance access to key learning information. One of the key features of iGoogle was the gadgets where students were able to organizes and complete their schoolwork and teachers to plan and organize the instructional day.

by Christopher Pappas