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August 30, 2018 | Sponsored

Criteria For Evaluating Your LMS

Lambda Solutions has over 20 years of experience in training and learning, so we can guide you the right direction when shopping for an LMS that’s a right fit for your organization. Here is your LMS evaluation checklist!
by Nimritta Parmar
August 3, 2018

The Best 20 Customer Training Learning Management Systems (2019 Update)

You may find it hard to tell the differences between a standard and a Customer Training LMS, but you know they make an important upgrade. The features they offer facilitate the online training process and keep your customers engaged. In this article, you’ll find a great introductory piece into achieving customer retention and engagement with a customer training LMS after which we will present you a list of the Best 20 Customer Training Learning Management Systems. To top it off we will present you with a list of 8 questions that will guide you through the selection process so that you can determine the Customer Training LMS that is right for your organization.
by Christopher Pappas
July 17, 2018

eBook Release – Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist: Select The Right LMS For Your Organization

Perhaps you are afraid that you may find yourself too deep into the LMS search, that you can’t get out. We live in times that Learning Management System solutions grow on trees, and the task to make the right choice for your organization weighs heavy on your shoulders. If you want to do the job not relying on external consultants, but still don’t know where to start, Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS evaluation checklist is here for you. Shorten things out, get practical about it, and the selection will fall into place.
by Christopher Pappas
July 4, 2018

How To Use Win/Loss Analysis To Grow Your LMS Business

The typical LMS vendor loses many more deals than they win. And often, you have no idea why, and may not even know who, you were up against. To learn from these loses, you need the answers. I interviewed one of the all-time great win/loss experts, Jen Berkley Jackson, to find out how she does it.
by Gordon Johnson