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October 29, 2015

Imparting Product Training Online: 5 Useful Media

A major factor that contributes to the success of a modern organization is the effective “synchronization” of its product training programs with the launch of its new products. As product life cycles get shorter and the time-to-market reduces considerably, a time lag between product releases and training could prove disastrous. In this article I will share 5 media which can be used to deliver highly effective product training online.
by Pushpa Siddhanti
October 17, 2015

Advantages And Possible Limitations Of Online Learning

Online learning has completely changed the scenery of both academic education and corporate training. In this article, I’ll share a complete list of advantages and possible limitations of online learning so that you can make sure that you know both the benefits and the drawbacks of this truly fascinating learning method.
by Christopher Pappas