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May 28, 2015

Intrinsic Motivation In Online Training

Looking for ways to boost knowledge retention and employee participation? In this article, I’ll delve into the basics of intrinsic motivation, one of the most powerful human drives; a fascinating stimulus that is able to convert any online training course into a rewarding and amazingly fulfilling online experience. I will also share 6 tips on how to develop online training activities that will intrinsically motivate your employees.
by Christopher Pappas
May 25, 2015

Moving Towards Corporate Online Learning Success: Some Proven Strategies

Many corporate online learning initiatives often fail to make the anticipated impact - which is a waste of time as well as effort of learners and furthermore, a waste of organizational funds as well. Digging into the reasons why an online learning initiative fails, the two main culprits are Learners’ apathy towards learning and Lack of Organizational support. Improving these factors can increase the effectiveness of training monumentally.
by Arunima Majumdar
May 24, 2015

Extrinsic Motivation In Online Training

To create an engaging online training experience, you must deeply understand how motivation works. In this article, I’ll share the basics of extrinsic motivation in online training and share 5 tips that can help you add extrinsic motivation elements in your online training course.
by Christopher Pappas
May 18, 2015

Online Induction Training - Because First Impressions Count!

Did you know that most people decide how long they will stay in their job within the first week of employment? Successful induction courses are your chance to show new employees what makes your company tick and pave the way for an easy, enjoyable, and productive integration. Here we look at the advantages of taking your company induction course online!
by Ruby Spencer, CTDP
May 14, 2015

eLearning Insights: “Do You Really Need eLearning?”

In today's IT era many organizations and institutions are using eLearning because it can be as effective as traditional training but at a lower cost. Developing eLearning is more expensive than preparing classroom materials and training the trainers, especially if multimedia or highly interactive methods are used. However, delivery costs for eLearning (including costs of web servers and technical support) are considerably lower than those for classroom facilities, instructor time, participants’ travel and job time lost to attend classroom sessions.
by Soni Amit K
May 13, 2015

Building Motivation And Feedback With Gamification

Every year millions of Americans tune in to watch the Super Bowl, with a record-breaking 114 million watching in 2015. This year’s game was one of the best in Super Bowl history (can we never relive 2014, please?) and the excitement was in part because of the contrast between the two teams’ ball handling. The Patriots set a record with 37 completions by Tom Brady. The Seahawks had only one-third as many completions, and then likely lost the game after an intercepted forward pass through from the one-yard line.
by Jayme Jenkins
May 11, 2015

5 Ways To Create Unique Training

Do you ever feel like you’re experiencing eLearning déjà vu? Are courses starting to blend together? Don’t fall into that house of mirrors where everything looks the same! Your learners are craving new, unique training, and you can deliver! It just takes a few fresh ideas.
by Stephanie Ivec
May 7, 2015

The Knowing-Doing Gap In Online Training

Do you ever wonder what prevents your employees to put what they have learned to good use? In this article, I’ll explain what is the Knowing-Doing Gap, what are the factors that cause it, and how to minimize it in order for your audience to take the most out of the online training.
by Christopher Pappas
April 28, 2015

6 Tips For Creating Engaging Synchronous Online Training Courses

Synchronous online training gives employees the chance to receive immediate feedback and feel as though they are active participants in the online training process. In this article, I’ll share some tips that can help eLearning professionals develop truly engaging and informative synchronous online training deliverables for corporate learners.
by Christopher Pappas