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July 22, 2015

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Training Millennials

Employers today are full of anxiety over the growing population of Millennials in the workforce. Millennials make up almost half of the total workforce, with numbers still rising. At the same time, the generation of Baby Boomers is rapidly retiring. Business Insider reports that millions of these Baby Boomers have retired just in the last six years and 10,000 of them turn 65 every single day. With the Millennials coming in and the Baby Boomers going out, the climate of the workplace is shifting. While companies of all kinds want to appeal to Millennials and hire Millennials, they aren’t quite sure how to adapt to their differences. Read why training Millennials is a challenge worth taking.
by Laura Payne
July 22, 2015

Albert's Successful Training Story

Albert drove home from the board meeting feeling very pleased with himself. He had been praised by his chairman for the work he had put in since joining the firm two years ago, and had been given a complete endorsement for the five-year training plan that he had presented to the board that afternoon in Mumbai, India. As he drove home, he reflected on those two tumultuous years. Prior to joining his current company, he had worked for five years as production manager in a small company that manufactured plastic coat hangers in his native Gujarat, and had made a name for himself there. When he arrived here, the company was barely profitable, with high absenteeism, shoddy work practices, and little or no quality control. He immediately saw there were two problems; low morale and lack of training. Here is how his successful training method helped increase productivity.
by Heera Edwin
July 17, 2015

Get The Most Out Of Retail eLearning

Using survey results from Towards Maturity we lay out some actions retail businesses can take to really benefit from eLearning, from embracing new technologies to prioritizing your learning objectives. Here is how you can take advantage of retail eLearning.
by Kate Pasterfield
July 6, 2015

How To Create An Effective eLearning Experience?

In today’s business scenarios, anyone may be able to create a simple online course; however, creating an effective eLearning course is a different thing altogether. eLearning is becoming a common area where employers can create their eLearning courses with ease; but using several media does not necessarily improve the effectiveness of an eLearning activity. Good Instructional Design is more critical to achieving learning effectiveness than special multimedia effects. In this article I will share a few things you need to know about creating effective eLearning courses.
by Soni Amit K
July 2, 2015

eLearning 101: Getting Started With Online Training

When I first started working at Trivantis, I had the hardest time explaining to my friends and family exactly what an “eLearning authoring tool” was. Most of the time I settled on “You know when you have to sit at a computer and take a course that tells you not to sexually harass your coworkers? That’s eLearning.” Everybody gets that, and everyone laughs. I’m so funny, right? (No.) But there’s so much more to eLearning, or online training, or virtual learning, or mLearning, as people are starting to call it these days.
by Stephanie Ivec